Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Variety and Uniqueness

I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world's variety and uniqueness.

Maya Angelou

We met one of my old church pals up at the G'ville Park, after school this afternoon, so the kids could play. My pal has a two year old son named Isaiah, along with two older daughters, Jenna and Lexi, who are Lindsey and Gabey's ages.

Children have this sweet brilliant nature about them. A brown couple started up the hill towards the park, carrying a little boy who was probably the same age as Isaiah. When the couple put their little one down, he and Isaiah ran to one another and hugged, as if they'd known one another for years. They held hands and pointed to characters on one another's clothing, and proceeded to play nicely together. Total strangers, yet they didn't realize it nor did they care about that. No difference in color, or religion. Those two year olds were immediate friends, without having to ask a single question. These are the things in life that help to make my world go round.

Relishing in His goodness...


Tiffany said...! Sometimes, I love this life to tears. :)

I especially love you!

ronda said...

Truthfully as much as adults are often trying to teach we really could a lot from the innocence of children.