Sunday, April 6, 2008

Indulging in my alone time

I'm one of those weirdo people who actually loves grocery shopping. Yeah. It can be fun shopping for your family's nutrition. (I get possibly three nights, per year, to hang with just my pals. I know you're not surprised!) I found the coolest thing at Walmart. A cup of self heating Hillside Hot Cocoa with marshy mellows to boot. What?! What?! It's a whole buck of warm yummy goodness. It's kind of fun, too. Why yes. It is an exciting life that I lead. Lindsey and Gabriel are with their dad (the ex), and Ella and Darrell are asleep. I'm indulging in my cocoa and rockin in my pj's to the sound of sheer mommy alone time. Ahhhh!

Our town is so small. The mayor is one of our school librarians and her husband and son coach Gabriel's ball team. When I go home to visit my mom, I can't believe that we moved away from so much. It takes her no time to get to three different grocery stores, and is literally five minutes away from everything. When I come back home to G'ville, though, I know it's where I belong.

Dear God, Thank you for bringing us to this small but super cool town. It's been such a blessing to live here, but I was wondering if you could please let G'ville be allowed to open up just one grocery store? Life would be so much easier if our freezer foods stayed frozen for the trip back home from the bigger cities. Amen.

I got an e-mail from Amy, Christian's mommy. Christian came home from the hospital today! Awesome, awesome news! She says that he's feeling good, and looking even better. I only believe his amazing current status because I believe in the healing power of God. There were so many people praying for that little fella, and God most certainly heard and healed! Score another one for the Big Guy!

Ever tried vitaballs? My babes (the two oldest) have gotten to an age where they aren't huge fans of the taste of Flinstones, so I bought the vitaballs to put a little excitement into their vitamin taking lives. There are four different colors/flavors although the box doesn't indicate what flavor each color is. I have half of a container of nothing but red and blue vitaballs left because the kids said that they were horrible. "But mommy, could you please buy them again? We like the other two flavors!!!" >:0D

Random thought: I married a man who isn't into music. I'm talkin no enthusiasm for it whatsoever! How did this happen? >:0)

Tomorrow starts our official day of Spring break. The kids will be with their dad until Wednesday morning. I'm so excited to spend some extra time with them. No school. No baseball practice/games. No strict schedule to follow, for at least three days anyhow. I've got the J-O-Y down in my heart. I've got all kinds of great things planned for them. I love these school breaks just as much as they do, I believe.

I finished my cocoa. Ingenuous, this self heating cup of cocoa is. The house is still quiet. So nice. Think I need to give a little time to God, while I'm still able.

Some art that Lindsey created for me. >:0) My kids are brilliantly artistic.

Relishing in His goodness...

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