Friday, April 4, 2008

It's a grand day, Tiffy, ole pal!

We've been friends seven out of your thirty one years. It feels like you've been in my life forever. At the beginning of the seven years you quickly became my sister, and when your children were born they became my niece and nephew. Our friendship was created out of so many awesome similarities, but with each passing year I have realized our differences, too, and have embraced the fact that we can be so different yet so much the same. I have learned so much from you. I have grown right along with you, as we have been up to our chin in the deep end of our blossoming adult/motherhood. I wish that I had a million attributes so that I could create and deliver to you the perfect gift. I hope that this will make up for my lacking attributes. >:0)

I love you because:

You have a tremendous heart!

Your taste in music rocks.

You are determined.

You aim to please.

You are dependable.

You are loyal.

You are extremely intelligent.

You are full of compassion for sweet little furry babies.

You were a wonderful mommy even before Michaela took her first breath outside of your womb.

You are driven and motivated.

You are so awesomely talented!

You are there anytime that I need you.

You are full of passion.

You've cried along with me, but tried to disguise it so as not to upset me more. (You're so sweet like that.)

Your heart aches when someone else is hurting.

Our conversations are never dull. >:0)

You leave the best messages on my answering machine. (You're the only one cool enough to sing on my machine! he,he)

You get me!

You laugh at my words, and add them to your own vocab! ha,ha.

You have goals at aiming to save the world.

Your writing is amazing.

You're beyond brilliant in every aspect of the word.

You've hauled your family down to Georgia, so many times, just to see us.

You love us as much as we love you.

You are so very thoughtful.

You enjoy helping, and giving.

You make me laugh harder than anyone else ever could. (Flossy, flossy!)

You have dreams as big as the sky.

You are so, so beautiful from the inside and out!

You are going to be an amazing teacher.

I'm so proud of you!

I look up to you!

The world is simply a better place because you're in it.

You are my rock. You are my best friend. You are my family. I don't know how I would have gotten past any of the obstacles I've gotten through had you not been in my life, these past seven years. Your presence in my life has, in a sense, helped to mold who I am today. I love you, so much. Thank you for every phone call. Thank you, for every e-mail. Thank you for every letter. Thank you for always making me feel so loved.

Happy birthday, Tiffany. I love you, pal!


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Tiffany said...

Well, you made me cry...a lot!

My heart did a leap when I saw this, Christy. Not because it was about me necessarily but because I have struggled to "care" about my birthday (and that's a little depressing because I remember counting down the days as a child). And I worried that if I did not care, no one else would either...and that's just kinda sad, too, lol! But you NEVER fail me. NEVER. I can always count on you to say the things that will brighten my day.

Thank you so much for spreading your sunshine all over my birthday. I can not wait to see you guys this summer.