Friday, April 4, 2008

Update on lil Christian

We just made it home from the hospital. Boy, was Atlanta traffic horrible. We had planned to leave sooner, but God intervened. We ended up having a nice little devotional time with some of my favorite people to do so with. >:0)

Christian is doing well, physically, considering. When we left, Amy and Tony were still waiting to hear about some lab results taken early this morning. Naturally, Amy was frustrated because things were moving very slowly (they did the labs at 5:00 am and we left after 2:00 pm and there still was no word). They won't let Christian eat or drink and he's really begging for some water. They were supposed to find out whether or not any back injury had been detected because the poor guy is wearing a neck brace that is really bugging him. He looks great, considering. He has one really red, puffy eye, and a swollen lip. Other than that, he looks like the same little guy. He is very alert. As soon as we walked into his room this morning he said, "Where's Gabey?" >:0)

God is awesome, awesome, awesome! Christian may possibly be able to come home tomorrow, which simply amazes me, and even if not, he is doing a million times better than he was last night, all in thanks to God. If you felt led to pray upon reading about Christian and his parents, thank you so much.

Specific things that you can pray about today for this family:

Pray that they will find no more bleeding in his little tummy. (He can't drink anything until they know for sure that all is well.)

Pray that the labs come back with "positive" results.

Pray that there is no back or neck injury.

Pray for comfort for all three of them. There isn't much room for mom and dad to sleep, so they had a rough night last night. Christian got upset a few times while we were there. The tubes and monitors are really bugging him and he wants to go home.

Relishing in His goodness...


Tiffany said...

I came to your blog to check on Lil Christian, and I am so glad to hear this good news. I am also glad you were able to be there for his parents. You know I think the world of you.

I will continue to pray for a speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...


I love reading your blogs. I think the world is a better place thanks to people like you and your family.... Keep it up!

~ Kurt Manwaring ~

Mindy said...

Oh, goodness... I'm sure you can imagine how your friends' situation hits home for me. My heart is with all of you. Best of luck to him and his parents. I hope their experience at the hospital turns out to be as great as ours was at HMC. The staff was fantastic to our whole family.