Thursday, May 7, 2009

Little League

The season is almost over, and I couldn't be happier about that. I'm having a hard time trying to teach my child to have fun when parents, umpires, and coaches are constantly going crazy bonkers. I leave every game with a headache and tight chest. Is it horrible of me to not drive my son into being more competitive? Scratch that question, because I honestly don't care. I've got great kids who are supportive and loving of their team and their pals on other teams, and who try their hardest at everything they do. Those people who think that our seven and eight year olds have a baseball career on the line if they don't perform to a certain standard are ridiculous. I never imagined the things that come out of the mouths of parents, directed towards their own children. Praying for an upwards baseball program to open up in our area, soon, before my sanity dissipates!

I was told, by a family member, that competition is very healthy and should be encouraged. Seriously, am I an idiot for disagreeing? I would imagine that having fun and doing your absolute best would be a much healthier route. It hasn't stopped my children from being great at what they set forth to accomplish.

Relishing in His goodness...

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Trading My Sorrows said...

You totally know where I stand on the issue...instead of encouraging competition...encourage doing your best! I just want to scoop up kids who belong to parents that get angry when their child does not play as well as they think. These are just little kids who play as well as they can...encouragement goes a lot farther than yelling and screaming your disapproval.

I can just imagine how hard you must be holding yourself back and the anguish you feel toward those parents. You have such a kind heart. You know, competetion is one thing that I just don't understand or like very much. I also hope that an UPWARD baseball program or basketball program comes to our area soon. That would be such a blessing! I am going to agree with you on that. It would be even better if one came to LBC!!!