Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And on that note...

Typing this out just makes me laugh, because my last post was all about those special mommy moments. I am winding down from an exhausting day. In one day, my precious two year old managed to pour an entire (brand new) bottle of shampoo out onto the bathroom floor, color on a couch in pink marker, color on herself, color on a living room wall, break one of Lindsey necklace's, and dump cat food into the cat's water bowl twice. And, at least two of those things took place in her daddy's presence. I need twenty eyes and hands it seems! :0) I have to find humor in it all, or I'll lose my sanity. It didn't hurt having to mop the bathroom floor. It's nice and clean and smells fresh and shampooy (Yes, I am aware that shampooy is not a real word.)! The marker she used to redecorate our living room and herself was washable, and came up easily. Ella enjoyed getting her second bath of the day because to her it's one big swim fest. Lindsey's necklace was an easy fix. The cat food was wasted, but Daisy doesn't like that brand anyhow, so I guess that's good news for her. he,he,he. Typical day in the life of moi. It's a glamorous life I must say. ;0)

Darrell made brownies after dinner. Yum. Since Lindsey and Gabey are with their dad today, the three of us indulged in those delicious brownies (corner piece for me, thank you) and watched Return to Neverland. Ella fell asleep pretty early into the movie. Darrell quickly followed. I stopped the movie and enjoyed an episode of The Graham Norton Show.

My life's not so hard, I suppose. I can't imagine having more than one two year old, though. Yikes! God certainly knew what he was doing when He gave me singlets! :0)

Relishing in His goodness...

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