Monday, July 27, 2009

A Blast From the Past-Gabriel's fifth birthday

In effort of deleting my myspace account, I'm going to post some old blogs that I've kept there, here. My intent was to delete that account long ago, until I remembered that I had so much of my family (milestones, history, etc.) in my blog there. This is the first blog I posted to myspace. :0)

August 25, 2006 - Friday
Growing up!
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Five years ago, today, I was at Turner Field when I went into labor with my one and only little fella, Gabriel! He was born the following evening at Southern Regional Hospital. I tell him, often, that every single day since he and Lindsey came into my life, I have smiled and laughed because I am so full of happiness at the mere thought of them being mine. This always brings a smile to his own face, and I think he could hear this for the rest of his life, and not be bothered by hearing it so much.

There is nothing more sacred then being blessed with the ability to be a mother, whether it be natural or other. I have grown, just as my children have grown. I have learned, just as my children have learned. I have cried when they have cried, and laughed when they have laughed. I have scolded, and let them get away with a thing or two. I have been more scared, then ever before, each time they have gotten hurt. I have become a child myself, down in the floor coloring Strawberry Shortcake, and Buzz Lightyear with them. I have danced and sang silly songs to entertain them. I have taught them how to love Christ, and how to pray to Him as He is our best friend, and we can tell Him anything in the world. I have learned how to love and appreciate more sincerely by watching them love only as a child can. I am so richly blessed with life, and children, and love, and family, and friends, and with Christ. I am watching my children grow, and I am still growing myself. Praises be to GOD for all that I have been given.

We are celebrating Gabriel's birthday tomorrow, at our church, and I am so excited about this event. It's bitter sweet. He's not my baby anymore, but he's still mine, and he's happy and healthy!

Relishing in His goodness...

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