Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, the Woe's of Me

Go ahead and call the waa-bulance. I'm about to whine.

Gabriel and Lindsey went to their dad's house two Friday's ago. Lindsey got homesick and came back home three days later. Understandably her father's feelings were hurt. He wanted her to stay and tried to talk her into it, but failed. By Thursday, he decided that he was going to take a trip to Savannah, and he called to tell Lindsey that he was sorry she was going to miss the trip. Understandably, she was upset by this, and asked to go along. If I were to beg her to stay and make her think our 4th of July celebrations were going to be better than her father's, I'd do more harm to her than what it was worth. My heart, though, ached. I really wanted Lindsey and Gabey to be with us this weekend. Darrell, Ella, and I had a really blessed 4th. My mommy heart was incomplete, however.

We were invited several places for the 4th. We had a really hard time choosing where to go, for a few reasons. In the end, we chose just to do our own thing (I know that at least one of you, who invited us, reads my blog. Please know that we had every intent on stopping by, until you called and said that it wouldn't be a good idea.). We took Ella to Market Days in the Newnan square. She had a blast riding the rides. Have I ever mentioned how fearless my two year old is? She is much more brave than I was as a child. Super shy around people, but fearless of the rides. :0) We had lunch, and then headed over to Newnan High school. Since everyone seemed to be up on the main road waiting for the parade, Ella had free range of all the jumpy castles, slides, face painting, etc. It was really nice until the parade ended and the crowd appeared. Boy, was it ever a crowd! Later, we laid our blanket out atop a giant hill of the school stadium to get ready for the fireworks display. As I have bad eyes, Darrell sees people/things before I do. He realized that on the field was a large group of people we knew from church. This group tends to do quite a lot together. They're all great friends. How he saw them, I have no clue. Everyone looked like tiny ants to me. But I guess, just knowing that this group was down there, and we were up on that hill made me think of something. There is a division in my age group at church. It's very sad to me. I feel that unity brings you closer to Christ, and it makes me feel badly for all that everyone is missing and could have if they just embraced one another. Yesterday's scene made so much sense to me. At church, my family does not fit into a group. We are our own group, and we are growing closer in Christ together. We rely on God to fill us with comfort, and truth, and with love (not to say that we are the only ones who do so). I don't ever want to move from atop our giant hill. :0) I'm so glad to be a part of the family of God. No divisions. Just love and unity.

We did move from atop that giant hill. In the physical sense anyhow. We didn't even watch the fireworks. In the middle of our conversation a lady we know from our town popped over, and invited us to her home for a night of swimming and fireworks. God's timing is always perfect. Had we stayed, we would have possibly pondered negativity, and then been stuck in two hours worth of traffic just getting our car off of Lagrange Street. :0)
I met a really lovely couple while at our friend Mary's house. We had a blessed evening.

I realize that I have so much growing up to do. I just pray that my growing involves every bit of Christ that I can possibly consume.

I realize this is random, but it's importnat nonetheless. We know of several families who are in serious need. Families who have been left jobless. My aunt and uncle are among these families. All of these families include children. Please join with me in prayer for our nations economy, and families left devestated by it's decline. Pray that those who are blessed in abundance will have a giving heart and help to bless those who are less fortunate. Pray that the Lord guides our president as he attempts to revitalize our nation.

Lindsey and Gabriel are on their way back to their dad's from Savannah. I just got the call. Just knowing that makes my heart leap. I'm ready for my babies to be back home with me.

Relishing in His goodness...

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