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November 22, 2007 - Thursday
Do I really have that much to "say"?

I've got another gripe to add to my "Do you know what stinks about having to share my babes?" list. Ella is old enough to know when Lindsey and Gabriel are leaving. She cries, which makes Lindsey cry...which makes me cry. Ugh. I know that it will only get worse as she gets older. She is so attached to Lindsey and Gabriel. While waiting for the ex, my sweet boy asked, "Mommy, when she's old enough, can't she just go with us to our dad's?" Aye yi yi! What to say? What to say?

Lindsey and Gabriel are celebrating Thanksgiving with their dad this year. This will be the first time they've done this. I can't begin to tell you how hard that this is for me. I love that my children have a father who is so completely awesome with them. It's a blessing! I just miss them, so much, when they are away. They've been gone since last Friday, and won't be back until this Friday. While some parents would relish in the peace, it's tough stuff for me! They are putting on a Thanksgiving play for their dad and his side of the family. They've got costumes and the whole shibang. I can see Lindsey, now, being stage manager, as she always picks that bossy roll here at home. he,he! Total firstborn. They are super excited about it, so I am truly excited for them. Selfishly, though, I wish they were home orchestrating a play for us. >:0) My family is celebrating Saturday, so my kids will definitely be home by then to celebrate with us. Yay! Today, I'm just blue. There is something discomforting about not being surrounded by your children and family on such an important holiday. Important to me, anyhow. I don't know how my family has become, as such, that everyone goes in different directions on holidays. When I was younger, our families all combined for one beautiful festive celebration. There's no more combining, these days, and that stinks. I guess some celebration is better than none.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Darrell and I, along with one of my pals, were to walk in the March of Dimes Night Walk at Callaway Gardens Fantasy of Lights this past Sunday night. Well, we did. I'm not sure how, now that I look back on it, but we did. The walk, itself, was just a little over seven miles. For those of you who prayed for good weather, for us, THANK YOU! It wasn't unbearably cold, however, it began to mist about three miles into the walk, and continued until we reached the finish line. The walk, itself, wasn't so bad until we got to the five mile mark. There was a loooooooooong line of people waiting for a trolley to pick them up. My brain was screaming, "Trolley! Hallelujah!" We pressed on, however, because I had a stroller, and our pal had her wagon. We made several stops, because we both had small children. I, at one point, had to even stop to nurse my not so happy Ella. I lost my coat. It was my cute one, which stinks. It fell out of the stroller, somehow...somewhere. Darrell offered to go back and look for it, but by the time I realized it was gone, we had walked six miles. It could have been anywhere. I didn't want him to have to go back to look for it, especially since most of the path was pitch black. My sweet husband shared his coat with me. Thank God for husbands. We nearly lost our stroller as it escaped us, from atop a hill where we stopped (the nursing break) and it nearly plunged into a smelly lake before Darrell caught hold of it's handle. Total Christy and Darrell moment! haha I laugh now, but at the moment, it was anything but funny. hehe The hill was really steep and as I watched my husband chasing after the stroller that was nearing the lake, I wasn't worried about the stroller going in. I was worried about him going in. Add a new gray hair to the collection I've got going. Garsh. I was going to create a little slide show of some pics that I took there, but I'm kind of sick of doing those, plus I'm just tired. Zzzzzzz! Check back, in my Nov. 07 album, for pics if you're really interested.

Ella had her one year check up, today. She's 17 pounds and 4 ounces, and 27 1/2 inches long. Not only is she small in length, but now she is measuring small in weight. She's in the 10 th percentile for both. She is, however, in the 75 th percentile for head circumference. he,he...Bigger heads, mean bigger brains. >:0) Dr. Cheeks doesn't seem concerned about her stature because she is growing nonetheless. Darrell and I had a bet going, as we always do before her checkups. I predicted 20 pounds. He predicted 25. haha...We were both wrong, BUT I was closer, as I always am. >:0)

I end this with words that will probably mean absolutely nothing to anyone but me. >:0) While Thanksgiving is a very special holiday where we reflect on the things that we are, well, thankful for, we should remember to give thanks each and every single day. Sending up thanks to the Lord for restoring my soul! If you haven't already, try it! I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving!


Relishing in His goodness...

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