Friday, August 21, 2009

One Singular Sensation

In effort of deleting my myspace account, I am transferring my blogs from there over here. Slowly but surely. :0)

November 2, 2007 - Friday

My precious darling baby is one today. Last night, I said a special prayer in thanks for this special celebration. I am in sheer awe that the Lord has chosen me to love and care for three of His children. One year with my sweet Ella. Wow. I stand amazed. >:0)

I am always a little emotional on my children's birthdays. Actually, I am emotional the whole week following up to their birthdays. This week was no exception. How can one whole year seem like it just began yesterday?

Before I became pregnant with her, I lost my faith in God. Being the Christian that I am makes that statement extremely hard to type out. After suffering a loss that I never thought I would recover from, I just couldn't let myself ever believe that God would let me become pregnant again, and actually have another baby. I didn't want to get my hopes up. I do not deserve the blessings I've been given. I've realized that hope is nothing without faith.

My sweet Ella is pure joy. Having a baby at 27, and my third at that, was much different than when I became a mother to my first at 20. With Ella I have not been in a rush for her to grow and hit those milestones as quickly, as with Lindsey. With Lindsey I felt like I would be portrayed the young bad mother if I didn't work with her daily teaching her to say new words or to crawl and then walk. With Ella I have let her dictate when she is ready to hit each milestone, and it's been nice not being rushed for things to happen more quickly than they needed to. I'm no longer in a rush for my children to grow and be the first to achieve anything, and life is more enjoyable this way.

At one, my girl is loving and affectionate. She laughs the most beautiful laugh. She sings and dances. She tells us that she loves us. She claps her hands. She waves. She is quite curious. She is comedic, even at only one, and makes us laugh daily. She is shy at times, and outgoing at others. She's stubborn like her mommy but gentle like her daddy. When she is tired no one but mommy will do and she is quick to pitch a fit until she is in my arms. Still, even in those times I am the happiest woman in the world to have been blessed as I have. She has completed our family. I can't picture our life without her in it.

Relishing in HIs goodness...


Parsley said...

Happy birthday to your precious baby girl. She's lovely.

Parsley said...

OH...duh. I see that was a post from a while back from your myspace acct.

But...she is a lovely girl and I see why you feel so blessed.

Christy said...

ha,ha! That's okay! Yeah, I'm getting highly annoyed with myspace and need it erased! Ack. Hackers stink! I've been moving blogs for about a month. Seems to be taking forever. I didn't want to just erase them, after seeing how many milestones and important dates I had documented.