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December 31, 2007 - Monday
I don't think I've ever made a new year's resolution. This year is no exception. Not that I'm against them. They can be fun, I suppose. I've just never thought hard enough about it to actually think of something concrete enough to be labeled a New Year's resolution. Maybe I think I'll fail at whatever resolution I choose, and who wants to fail? >:0) In stead, I strive to make good memories everyday, throughout the year. I'm such a nerd, and those who love me and don't care, THANK YOU! I made a motto for myself, what seems like forever ago. "It's all about making good memories." I can't tell you how many times I've said this to Darrell and usually in times when he doesn't want to hear it, producing an eye roll. ha, ha. We tend to use holidays as a way to, suddenly, make change in ourselves or to give praises to God. I don't want to do that, just on the holidays. I want to do that everyday.

As 2007 comes to an end, I can only give praises to my Lord for giving me another year of being His girl, wife to my amazing husband, mother to the three beauties that He has blessed me with, granddaughter, daughter, sister, and friend to some wonderfully kind hearted, loving, and talented people. I have grown, even if just a little, this year as I have watched my children learning and smiling and laughing. I have grown as I have watched my third precious child growing and hitting all of these amazing milestones in her first year. I have grown with every little good-bye kiss that my husband gives to me before he leaves to go to work, and then with each "welcome home" embrace when he comes back. I have grown with every prayer sent to our Father, in thanks for another day, as well as so much more. I have grown as I have watched death happening, and again as it took one of my most favorite people away to be with our Father. I have grown with every golden yellow and orange leaf that fell from the trees above, only to be collected by my sweet children. I have learned about myself and have healed while watching and praying for those who are suffering their own losses. I have grown with every tear shed, and every smile made. I have grown each night as I have tucked my kids into bed, shared a song (or two) and listened to their beautiful prayers. I have grown through fear and doubt while in pain. I have grown through a hospital test or two, and rejoiced when the news was better than expected. I have watched my husband get down in the grass and play with our children as if he were one himself. I have been hugged and loved on by some of the most wonderful of people. I have poured my heart into many a meal for my family, and prayed for the Lord to give me motivation to keep my house clean even after sleepless nights. I have been reunited with people who I never thought I'd see again, and I've let go of some. I have laughed, and danced, and played. I have enjoyed God's scenery on a few road trips along side my soul mate and our children. I've indulged in friendly conversation with pals and family who always remind me of how wonderful and simple life can be when you want it to be. I have witnessed God's grace and mercy more times than I can count. I have simply relished, deliciously, in God's goodness this year. I am saying goodbye to 2007, but I keep her memories (good and bad) forever in my heart.

Thank you, my precious pals and of course family, for sharing another year of love and friendship with me. >:0) I'm looking forward to seeing what adventures we all get ourselves into in 08!

Relishing in His goodness...

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