Monday, August 31, 2009

These are a few of our favorite things...

We took the kids on a mini road trip this past Saturday. We went to Amicalola Falls State Park, Helen, and Cleveland, Georgia. Have I mentioned the fact that I LOVE nature? We went hiking through the Appalachian mountains in Amicalola. The trail kicked my tush. It was absolutely breathtaking (not the hike, the scenery. Okay, maybe the hike, too.). Talk about relishing in God's goodness. You could do some serious relishing there. While it was beautiful, it wouldn't be fair for me to say that it was also serene. It probably would have been had our family not shown up and ruined that attribute for other hikers. I mean, we do have a two year old who did not enjoy the lengthy hike. I don't blame her one bit. Had it not been for the beauty of that place and my desire to make it to the top of the falls, I'd of turned back and headed for the car an hour into the hike. ha,ha. Darrell and I took turns carrying her. Aye yi yi. I'm not complaining, really. It's just funny, and very typical of our life. It was a beautiful hike, and I'm blessed to have my wee one to carry when she doesn't feel like walking. :0)

We played miniature golf in Helen, GA that evening, which was a hoot. My family is not a super competitive family. That bugs people, but that's just the way we are. We cheer for one another, and act goofy. It's all about having fun, right? Well, it is for us anyway. And it was a lot of fun. Helen is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the Chattahoochee River. It was created to look like an alpine village. There are cobblestone alley ways, old world towers, horses pulling carts, and an old windmill. It's very family oriented, as there is a water park, miniature golf, gem mining, tubing the river, and lots of neat shops. This is our favorite Georgia city to visit.

We headed to Cleveland, after, to visit the Cabbage Patch Babyland Hospital (link provided below), but by the time we got there it was closed. As we've taken them already, the older ones weren't disappointed. We did, however, take them to the McDonald's where there is a Cabbage Patch display area. Ella really loved that.

While the day couldn't have been more pleasing to my soul, it had to end. On the way home, I enjoyed looking at all the lights in Atlanta, including one of my favorite buildings, the IBM Tower, while Darrell drove at excessive speeds, in a hurry to get home and call it a night.

I haven't seen very much of this world, but what I have seen, I stand in awe giving praises to my Father. I hope that you are able to do the same from where you are standing today. :0)

and for additional photos of our mini road trip

Relishing in His goodness...

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Parsley said...

Nice post and great photos.

I wanted to start singing 'My Favorite Things' from the Sound of Music when I saw your post title. LOL