Monday, September 7, 2009

Gabriel and Chipper

All Gabriel has ever wanted was to meet Chipper Jones, and tell him how much he looked up to him. Today he was given that chance. :0) The conversation went something like this:

Gabriel:"I am your biggest fan. I've been your fan since I was a baby."
Chipper:Alright, buddy! Cool. Thank you."
Gabriel:"I play baseball too. One day I want to be the next Chipper Jones."
Chipper:(laugh followed by huge smile) That's awesome! I hope to see you playing some day."

They, then, took a picture, Chipper signed a baseball for Gabey, and they said goodbye. My little man talked about this until he went to bed. He just kept saying, "Mommy, he is sooooooo nice. I knew he was going to be a nice guy." He even included thanks to our Father, for letting him meet Chipper, during prayers tonight.:0)

What an awesome memory for my little guy to store away in his memory bank. I'm so thrilled for him to have been given the chance to get to meet his baseball hero.

In addition to this meeting, he also got an autograph from every player, with the exception of one, as well as some of the coaches. His collection is getting large very quickly. :0)

Relishing in His goodness....


Mindy said...

That is SOOOO cool for Gabey!

Carly&Maddie said...

Hey Christy It is so great to hear from you!!! We will have to get together someday i would love to see you. You have such a beautiful family, how lucky are we.Well email me so we can catch up