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In effort of deleting my myspace account, I am transferring my favorite blogs over here...slowly but surely. This is one of those. A blast from the past.

October 4, 2007 - Thursday
She found salvation.
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The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father's God, and I will exalt him. Exodus 15:2

My precious Lindsey gave her life to Jesus last Wednesday, after church. There was something so sacred about the event that made me not want to share it over the net, until now. I know that seems silly, but it's just an indescribable feeling to know that your child has accepted Christ. While at church she said a special prayer asking Jesus to forgive her for her sins and to come into her heart. She asked her Awana leader if she could talk with me about it more, because she wanted to pray at home with me. I can't begin to describe what a blessing it was to have her leader come to me, in tears, to tell me the wonderful news and to be expecting Lindsey to talk with me about it at home.

For those of you who know my girl, you know how special she is. Since she was three years of age she has let the world know how much she loves Jesus and how she plans on sharing His love with the world as she learns more and grows. She has always been concerned about the classmates, of hers, who aren't able to go to church and don't know much about God. She talks with anyone who will listen. She reads her Children's Bible and even writes and illustrates Bible stories based on the stories from her Bible for her friends to read. She has a Christian heart. A huge Christian heart. She says the most amazing, adult-like, prayers. She is just a special child. I could go on and on about her, and it still wouldn't be enough.

On Wednesday, September 26, 2007, Lindsey and I knelt down together to pray, and with tears in her eyes, my sweet girl said that most amazing and endearing prayer I've ever had the privilege of hearing. She accepted Christ as her Savior! What a joyful moment.

The Lord reveals Himself to me, more and more, with each day that passes. I can't imagine living a life without Him in it. I am so thrilled to see my children growing and thriving in this world that inhabits such evil. They do so because they have Christ. We all do. God has a handful of grace that he holds over our heads. We just have to reach up and grab it. Whether your life be good or bad. Raise your hands and grab that grace! The reward is GREAT and everlasting.

Relishing in His goodness...

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