Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Little Sunday Praise

My oldest two are growing faster than I could have ever imagined. They've even grown out of clothes I bought them just before school started. With winter approaching, I knew that all three of my wee ones would need clothes. I was just planning a trip to my favorite Christian thrift store with one of my pals at Lindsey's game yesterday, when another friend, from church, brought two very full bags of winter, spring, and summer clothes. This will, more than likely, last Ella until next winter! The bag included two precious winter coats, the cutest winter boots, tons of church dresses for all seasons, loads of p.j.'s, two piece outfits galore, etc. What a blessing! As I put away all of Ella's new threads, I told my husband that all we needed to worry (remember this word) about, now, was clothes for the older two. Today, my sister showed up with three bags full of winter and summer clothes for both of my older ones, not to mention some pretty trendy accessories for my little Lindsey Lu Lu. I was in sheer amazement of the Lord's blessings poured out upon us, in the form of five bags full of downy fresh hand-me-downs this weekend. My kiddos closets and dressers are completely full. God's love is so completely sufficient. Why do I worry (and there it is!) about anything?

God's love is big enough to cover the world and yet individual enough so that the least of us are included.

Relishing in His goodness...


Parsley said...

What a blessing!!

The Worthey Family said...

It's such a Faith builder when God provides what we need right at the time we need it! Isn't it?? We have definitely learned that lesson over and over and it seems to come more natural now, not to worry, but just keep walking by Faith and not by sight!! :) We serve such an awesome God!!