Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tune-Full Tuesday

I love my playlist. It's always playing, here at our home. Whether I be cleaning, or cooking it's there to keep me full of the precious tunes I love to savor. As I started to cook dinner, song number 63 of my playlist (below) came on. I couldn't help but to think of my new "beginning". The stage in my life that involved me being a single/divorced mother of two very small children. I had renewed my relationship with Christ, after putting it on the back burner during my four year marriage to my first husband. I was introduced to my sweet Darrell by a mutual friend whom I met through my sister at the church I began visiting. The very same church where I am currently a member.

I was in no rush to take things too quickly. My opinion of men wasn't the best, at that time in my life. He was in his sixth year of serving the United States in the Army, and was sent to Kuwait for a Tour of Duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom. As horrible as it was to experience someone you cared about being there, it was also a blessing because we couldn't have taken things any slower than we did with him being away. Or could we? :0)

He called everyday. Some days, several times a day. We exchanged letters and gifts. After six months, he came home for a two week R&R break. It was October. He proposed to me on his third day home, under a blanket of stars. It was beautiful, and completely unexpected. Even more unexpected was my quick response to his proposal. What was I thinking? I had a horrific first marriage. My mind had not prepared itself for marriage again. I was a mother of two small children. They were my life and I loved the way our life was turning out. Just the three of us. Why was I saying yes to him? He was leaving, in less than two weeks to return to the war, and I didn't know when I'd see him again. What was I doing?

And then he did. He was gone again. We celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter apart.

He came home, though. It was April 2004. We were married in September of that year.

Some may say that we were fools who rushed in. I think it was bigger than us. It was God's design for us.
We've been married for just a little over five years now, and together, in total, for nearly six and a half years. Seems like such a short time. Most days, though, it seems like my entire life has been spent with him.

I asked him, once, just before we got married, if he thought that we were rushing in. He said, "It took me twenty-eight years to find you. I wouldn't exactly call that rushing in." That's my guy.

Relishing in His goodness...

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