Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tune-full Tuesday

My friend, Kevin, just finished his first album (or CD). Kevin was, at one time, a music minister in our church....and minister that man can do!

After running all over town to get a hold of his CD, I was blessed to listen to the precious words that spilled from his heart, and into a microphone. His CD is called Cover Me. It is beautifully written and performed. If you enjoy Todd Smith's vocals from Selah as much as I do, you'll love Kevin.

Check out Kevin's blog http://kevinwallacemusic.blogspot.com/ and read about his awesome new CD Cover Me.

You can also check out a sample of his CD here http://wallacemusic.com/ (I haven't figured out how to add links to my posts! Sorry!).

Kevin and Alison,

What a blessing the two of you have been in my life when I've needed those blessings the most. I am so proud of your accomplishments, as well as your servitude for Christ and for His great big world in need. You are such an inspiration. Praying that the Lord continues to bless you both abundantly, and use you and your family to continue blessing those around you. Love you both.

Relishing in His goodness...


Karyn said...

He is amazing! Thanks for sharing him with us, Christy...and for being such a sweet bloggie friend...you are treasured :)


PS: I gotta say it again, I love your blog, it makes me feel so good every time I stop by :) Thanks.

Christy said...

Bless your precious heart for "saying" so! That's what drew me to your blog. It's so cozy there. I love it!

If you think Kevin is amazing, you'd really enjoy hearing he and his wife together. They are both incredibly talented. :0)