Saturday, December 26, 2009

My heart touched, my world blessed

I am in awe of the ways the Lord uses people to bless. I was presented with a gift, this morning, by a friend whose blog I follow regularly. The Lord brought this person into my life via my blog several months ago. She has since become a rather encouraging part of my days through her own blog. What a blessing to have companionship with people in different parts of our country/world by connecting through a blogging system, or simply the internet for that matter, while we may have never been given the opportunity otherwise.

Thank you, sweet friend, for giving me the ultimate gift. Friednship. What you did today touched my heart and blessed my little world. I am so grateful, and I pray that the Lord blesses you just as you have blessed me from the very first day you came into my life! Hugs to you.

Here is the awesome gift that she presented me with today. :0)

You can visit my pal's blog by clickity clicking away at: seasonsofmymind.blogspot


Relishing in His goodness...


Parsley said...

You are so welcome my friend. I consider myself, the one who is blessed. {Hugs}

Karyn said...

Oh sweetie, you sooo deserve such a wonderful surprise! Congratulations :)