Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Serve's the Word


1. be a servant to : attend b. to give the service and respect due to (a superior)c. to comply with the commands or demands of...

2. answer the needs of be enough for : suffice contribute or conduce to : promote

3. to provide services that benefit or help

I want you to imagine what it must be like to have an empty refrigerator. An empty pantry. Having to give up lunch so that your children have food to eat. Not having enough money for the gas that it may require you to make it to the place where you could possibly receive financial aid/food assistance. Now think about what you do have in your own kitchen. Oh, precious friends, I pray that what you do have is in abundance today. There are one too many families who do not have the luxuries of a food supply that could accommodate their families for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you think about that fact, it becomes impossible for you to ever ask God, "How can I serve you today?" Your answer lies within millions of bare pantries tonight, cold and lost people living on the streets, the unemployment line.

My friend, Alison, has been blessed with an amazing calling. Alison has recently created a community outreach program called Bridging the Gap. Bridging the Gap is a non-profit Christian organization that has fed hundreds of people in a very short amount of time. I am in sheer awe of this lady and how she has put this thing together. If you have a serving heart and wish to donate your time, prayer, or anything else to this awesome organization, please click on the link below for information on how you can help. Serving Christ doesn't have to be complicated. Sharing the word will suffice. Prayer will suffice. Do something that is completely selfless today. Say a prayer for complete strangers. People whose faces you have never seen. Help to show the world that Christmas means so much more than a decorated Christmas tree, wrapped gifts, parties, and lights. Donate your heart. Your time. If you aren't feeling led at this time, please take a moment to read the article anyhow. :0)


Alison is married to Kevin Wallace ( The very same whose link I shared about a month ago as a Tune-full Tuesday pick, as he's just made a Christian cd . Our church was completely blessed to have this couple lead our choir as music ministers a few years ago. The Lord has blessed them with beautiful voices and praising hearts that worship like none I've ever seen. The world is a little bit better with this dynamic duo serving the Lord so well. They completely inspire me. I hope that they will inspire you, too.

My Father is full of Compassion, Kindness, Love, Gentleness, and unconditional Mercy. Who am I to not have this for my fellow man, even in their time of trial? If God sees the heart of man, why do we look at the flesh and its weaknesses?

~Bronwyn Baker

Relishing in His goodness...

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