Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kid Art

I love kid art. I think that encouraging your children to draw/create really helps you to get to know the way that their precious minds see the world and embrace what they've seen and been given. I believe that I have learned more from my children, than I have from most people in my life. The simplest of details and the most amazing of all blessings can often be overlooked due to the chaos that tends to corrupt our adult lives.

Oh, but to take a step back and venture into the heart and mind of a child. Sheer blessings. :0)

My kiddos present me with artwork often. These are some goodies that I recently received. Love em. Love em.

Praise Him, indeed! When I look at this, I think, "Wow. I'm actually doing something right. My children know Jesus, and praise Him. What could be better?"

Daisy is the furrier, and much quieter member of our family. We adore her.

I love baby hands and fingers sooooo much. This makes mama happy each time she looks at those precious baby blue chubby chubs.

Kid art = priceless art. :0)

Relishing in His goodness...


Allie :-) said...

I LOVE the artwork!!! Even better than how you described them! You ought to turn Lindsey's into Christmas cards or something...seriously too cool to to just put on a fridge! LOVE'EM!!!

Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Absolutely beautiful! There is no greater treasure than realizing that our little ones are growing closer to Jesus.

Thanks for sharing, and God Bless.

Christy said...

Allie-I'm with you! I save everything, too. They each have their own folder full of their drawings and stories. I've got big plans for them all. I would LOVE to make a book for each of them...a keepsake of all of their pictures to share with their own children. You and I talked about this idea as well, but I'd also love to have an area/wall dedicated to some of my favorite drawings. All framed and hung with pride. :0)

Andrea-Thank you, so very much, for the precious comment. God bless you, as well, my friend.