Monday, February 8, 2010

When it rains....

When it rains...God's grace pours, right? I say, absolutely!

Last week, Big Blue, my mini-van went down hard. The transmission blew and so, carless I've been...I've already shared my woes of being without a dryer so, as you see, my car woes just added to the list of other woe's. Woe and behold, I'm woe-fully woe'd. :0P

To make things worse, last week was cold and rainy. There could be no drying of clothes outdoors. My laundry piled up, and I began to get really, REALLY overwhelmed. I had a few good conversations with God...I'm confident, by the way, that he's got a sense of humor to have to put up with me. I asked that He help to provide us with the means to buy a new dryer and a vehicle or to have Big Blue fixed.

As I am typing this very post, I hear the sweet sound of an answered prayer. My new dryer, ladies and gentlemen, is drying it's two billionth load of laundry since being installed yesterday afternoon (remember not to take me literally, ever, when using the word billionth)!!! The most amazing thing about hearing that sweet sound, is how it came to us to begin with. God put some amazing people into my life, and used them to bless us in more ways than one. Our friends from church (the same folks who introduced me to my hunka-chunk of love, or in other words, my husband) had been given this particular dryer in fairly new condition from another church member and haven't needed it, so it's been in storage for a year. When they heard we didn't have a dryer, yesterday, they offered it to us. A free dryer! Are you kidding me?! Whoo hoo. I just know that my opera style Hallelujah can be heard streaming out of your pc speakers, right? God is so, so good.

And as far as my car issues, well it really couldn't have happened at a better time. I e-filed my taxes a week ago, and we're just waiting for them to come in. After much debate about what to do with Big Blue (keep her and have her repaired, or buy a new car and get rid of her...I was all for keeping her, btw) we've decided that she's gonna get decked out in a new transmission.

The next time I whine about anything, I'm going to remind myself to put my face to the floor and ask for forgiveness. I know that God's love is sufficient. He always provides...yet, I tend to forget when the going gets tough. In the end, I'm thankful for the "tough stuff", and the reminder of God's sufficient love. How would I ever be appreciative of anything, if I didn't have to suffer a little? :0)

Thank you, Amy and Tony, for serving the Lord so well. The dryer is such a blessing...(it drys my clothes three times faster than the old one did, too!). You guys rock!

Thank you, Allie, for praying for us and getting others to pray for us as well, bringing the dryer to our home yesterday....and just for being you. Your friend list of good deeds is endless.

Thank you, God, for everything. You are so good to us. My mind races to figure out how I can serve you more everyday, because I don't feel like I've done near enough to deserve the amount of blessings you've sent my way. When I look at my children, though, I understand your unconditional love for me. You are never failing, and I stand in awe of You, gracious Father.

Relishing in His goodness...


Parsley said...

Love that saying. I need to remember to ask God to make me stronger than make life easier. We are blessed but those little day to day upsets do pile up on our emotions.

Allie :-) said...

:-D If the tables were turned, you would do the same for me, no doubt. Love ya! :-D I can't take credit for any of it, God just sticks people in our lives at the right time. He is, in everyway, absolutely AWESOME!! :-D

Christy said...

Parsley-Yes they do.(sigh) Life, I suppose, just isn't supposed to be easy. Can you imagine how much harder it would be if we didn't have Christ, or any of our loved ones to lean on? I can't fathom that thought. Hugs to you, my sweet friend.

Allie-I absolutely would do the same if the tables were turned. :0) Love ya.

Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Praise God for your needs being met, and for you being in love with the Lord enough to know it was Him alone to meet those needs through His children!

Thank you for posting this great reminder. God bless you much!