Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Enjoyment

The snow we received last Friday was completely melted away by Sunday. The babes were hoping for a couple of extra days of snow. I was happy to see it melting away (I thought I'd never thaw out...I'm getting old!), although it did make our little world look so peaceful and beautiful. We made snow cream for the first time. I'd never even heard of it, until we watched Paula Deen making it in an episode we caught a few months ago. This was the first thing my oldest requested to do at the first sign of heavy snowfall. :0)

Ella tasted snow for the first time. Albert, our furry love, experienced snow for the first time. There were lots of snow angels made, and one small snowman, too. Lots of fingers and toes frozen, and noses running. That peaceful blanket of white snow left quite an impact. Special memories of our family's 2010 Georgia Winter experience. :0)

The older babes are out of school this week for their winter break. I believe that I enjoy their school breaks just as much as they do. It's been such a fun week full of dancing, pinning the tail on the donkey (gotta love the party supply box), Singstar challenges, Awana book learning, cooking new recipes together, Burger King slides, Bob the Builder living room floor picnic party (again, the party supply box rocks!), flashlight hide-go-seek, book reading, art creating, song singing, and memory making.

As today is the last day of their Winter school break and I'm completely bummed about how quickly this week has flown by, I leave on this note....I have some pretty amazing kiddos, and I am so looking forward to Spring and Summer break. :0)

Relishing in His goodness...

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