Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Found My God, Mommy!

This is what I heard as I swept my living room floor yesterday. To some folks, that simple phrase means nothing. To me, it means the world. My precious toddler, with her cute toddler way of talking was obviously thrilled to have found one of her favorite books tucked under a couch cushion. On the cover, a cartoon picture of Jesus rising out of clouds can be seen.

"Oh mommy, wook! My God! I found my God book mommy!", she exclaimed, once more, as she squeezed the book tightly in her arms. At just three, with knowledge of and excitement for Christ! Hallelujah!

It's the little things that leave the biggest impact.

Can't imagine a life without Christ in it. It's hard to believe that there is a whole world full of children who will grow up with no knowledge of Christ. Babies being born, right now, who will never know Christ. That thought is just excruciatingly painful for me to grasp.

I found this great blog, yesterday! It's called Missionaries Who Blog. It contains a blog list of missionaries positioned all over the world. I challenge you to visit a few and leave some encouraging words/pray for each. What a huge responsibility it must be to serve Christ as a missionary in an unbelieving world while folks, like myself, teach just three small children in the comfort of home.

It doesn't take much. A simple prayer and a few words of encouragement could mean the world to someone who desperately needs them.

Yes! It's the little things that leave the biggest impact. :0)

Relishing in His goodness...


Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Thanks for sharing that site - will definitely pop over and check it out. That is indeed hard work. On the other hand I love that you have introduced your young children to Christ! Even in this world of plenty, I am afraid that many kids are growing up with little to no relationship to God. Great job!

Christy said...

So true....I'm amazed at the amount of children and families in my small county who attend church and have a relationship with Christ, but know that this world (outside of my domain) is filled with many who know nothing about him. My never gain an ounce of knowledge of His existence or the fact that He created them. Thanks for checking out the site. Praying you find blessings in learning about some of the missionaries you "visit". :0)