Monday, May 3, 2010

Ear Biter

We've had Biscuit, now, for two weeks. As he has settled more comfortably in his new home, and with all of us, he has become much more playful. Sometimes there's a bit of aggressiveness added to his playfulness, though, and he bites....Hard!

He also loves biting and hanging onto our heels or toes as we walk! He tried to bite Ella's tushy while she was walking, a few days ago, but ended up with a mouth full of dress, instead, and hung by it as she tried to run away from him. Wish I would have had my camera for that one!

I've never owned a puppy. This is a slightly new experience for me, but I believe that this is typical for a puppy. However, it can't continue. Splitting Ella's ear open was enough! Does any of my dog owner friends have any advice (aside from beating him...mama doesn't do that!) to help me get him to quit biting?

I try holding him to my chest and I speak gently to him, while rubbing his back to calm him. Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.

I know it's hard to believe, after seeing the pictures and reading this, but he's a really great puppy! He sleeps like any other baby. He loves being held and loved on. AND he is actually gentle and sweet...most of the time. When he does get hyper, it doesn't last very long. Just a few minutes...those few minutes can hurt, though!

Any advice is appreciated!

Relishing in His goodness...


Parsley said...

You have to have the WHOLE family in on this but DO NOT let the puppy play fight/play bite. No scruffing around with frisky petting, ruffing the puppy up, etc.

Distraction is the best method I've found. Everytime puppy wants to bite and play, offer the nearest toy or a rawhide chew. Always put the toy in puppy's mouth instead of your fingers and hands, etc to bite on. Puppy should only see your hands as affection not as a chew toy.

It takes time but puppy should grow out of this stage. They shed their baby teeth and need this play but not at your family's expense.

Good luck.

Christy said...

Thank you, so much, for the advice! After reading your advice, and getting some advice for others, as well as a little visit to the Cesar Millan website, I've gotten him some chew toys that he seems to enjoy, and I've been putting all the good advice to work. So far, so good! :0) Thanks pal!

Cassy said...

Yes, it is natural puppy behavior but no it should not be tolerated. We can love our puppies but we also have to show them how to act. The mama dog normally does that and in the absence of her, well, we're the Bitch. (I just had to say that and now I'm snort laughing because I did.)

They have to be taught that putting their teeth on people is NEVER acceptable. The chewing on heels/clothes will be a problem down the road. We recently went sledding with a cattle dog that was obviously allowed to "herd" by biting at feet when he was a pup. It wasn't very cute when a 50 pound dog chased every.single.sled down the hill barking and biting at the kids' boots.

The mama dogs get the scruff of the pups neck and let them know under no circumstances will bad behavior be okay. She does it when they bite too hard, play too rough, go where they're not supposed to, etc. We've "scruffed" these dogs from the get go, and coupled with Cesar's "Ssssshhht" sound when they're doing something wrong, at 10 weeks, we're looking at some pretty compliant and obedient pups.

I know you know by now, this whole puppy things is a lot like raising kids. Clear boundaries, no means no, trouble might look cute but it ain't, and lotsa love.

I was just thinkin' bout you and Biscuit. Glad I stopped in today.

Love you girl,
Your fellow Puppy Mama <3