Friday, May 14, 2010

The Grocery Store Conquered my Husband

I was going to go grocery shopping today. We didn't need much. Just the basics. Milk, eggs, bread, lunch items, etc. As I was cleaning up after dinner, yesterday evening, my husband told me that he would gladly go to the store, as we were out of lunch items and he packs his lunch each day. I happily passed the responsibility on to him, forgetting about the last grocery trip I sent him on.....six years ago.

Hearing him ask my oldest child what he should buy, in a low voice, should have been an indication of how this was going to end up. I couldn't hear what she had suggested, but heard him reply, "I think I just need to get the basic essentials.". The two oldest declined joining him on his shopping trip, but Ella happily agreed to go.

Upon returning home, I joined my loves outside to help carry in groceries. At first glance, it looked as though he had done well. I saw all of the things that would normally be found in our kitchen.

Salad mix
Lunch meat
fruit (grapes, apples, and strawberries)
grits...because they are essential in our Southern household. :0)

However, the entire trunk was packed full of other stuff, too. No big deal, I thought. I enjoy having stocked cabinets/refrigerator/freezers! As I emptied the grocery sacks I couldn't help but wonder, who did the shopping? Darrell or Ella?

There was:
(note the 2 of most of these items. He explained that he bought two of these items because he didn't know who would like what. tee hee)

2 containers of ice cream
a HUGE package of popscicles (the ones with the plastic casing)
2 bags of chips
2 packages of Debbie snacks
2 boxes of sugary cereal
2 boxes of Capri Sun
a massive box of movie theater microwaveable popcorn
candy (Looks like he raided the candy section upon checking out)
a case of Coca-Cola
Cheese Nips

Basic essentials my eye!!! How he came up with this stuff is beyond me. These aren't even things that I would normally buy, aside from the occasional package of popscicles and capri sun...and he isn't even a huge junk food person himself. He was clearly enticed by the rows of colorful packages! :0P

I've been good and have stuck with my granola, fruit, and yogurt breakfast, and a nice salad for lunch...but don't think those blasted Debbie Snacks haven't been taunting me all day. Argh!

I shall prevail! :0)

Relishing in His goodness...


Darrell said...

What? I'm the master at grocery shopping. ha ha

Darrell said...

and happy late birthday. I love you.

Darrell said...

and your blog is pretty.

Darrell said...

I coudln't remember if I told you I loved you. So I love you.

Christy said...

You're a triple nerdola....and I love you, too. Thanks for being my numero uno fan. xoxo