Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Studying Paid Off!

The kiddos received their CRCT scores today. They did great, and I'm (naturally) so proud of both of them!

I am officially the mother to a fourth and sixth grader!

The Lexile scores are their reading level. The first number represents what grade level they are reading in, and the second number represents what month of that grade level. Lindsey is reading on a ninth grade seventh month reading level, and Gabriel is reading on a fifth grade first month reading level.

Reading to my children and encouraging them to read has definitely paid off. :0)

Proud mama check in...what?! what?! :0P That may have been a bit much. Sorry!

Two weeks left of school! I'm so excited about the summer. I've already got the summer program listing for two of our local libraries as well as the free summer movie listing for our local theater. The church has a ton of fun stuff planned, too. Free summer entertainment is where it's at, folks. Hopefully, we'll be able to throw a few road trips into the mix of summer festivities.

Christy is exiting the building singing, "Summer lovin. Had me a blast....."

Relishing in His goodness...


sisterplace said...


Christy said...

:0) I'll let them know. Thanks!

Rightthinker-Andrea said...

How wonderful! You have every right to be so proud...great job kids, and great job, mama!

Christy said...

Awe! Thanks Andrea! And look at that precious preggo picture!!! I love it! I'm so excited for you! :0)