Monday, May 10, 2010

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank my precious blog family for leaving such great advice and support regarding my last two posts. You all are such a blessing, and I appreciate each of you tremendously. xoxo

All of your advice on puppy training has been extremely helpful to our family! Biscuit is doing much better at following commands. I've gotten the kiddos on board with training him, as well, and they're doing great at making sure Biscuit has a toy to distract him from biting any of us. Even Miss Ella has done well at staying calm around him so as not to make him hyper. So far, so good!

As far as little league goes, I've chosen to let things be. I couldn't truly apologize for voicing something that I believe, I didn't. And, as it turns out, I'm glad that it all happened. The last two games were great! I mean, they were really, really great! I was shocked to see the amount of positive support those children were finally getting. Praise God! :0)

Thanks again, you guys! You've been a blessing to me since I "met" you! Praying you ladies had a very blessed Mother's Day! Hugs to each one of you!

Relishing in His goodness...


Cassy said...

That is wonderful news....about the puppy and Little League. You're doing a great job Mama!

And I felt compelled to make sure you knew that a mama dog is called a bitch. Someone who is not a dog person might not know that so I just had to make sure the meaning of my corny joke was clear and that I wasn't being a random potty mouth in my last comment :) The dad is the sire, the mom is the bitch. How nice for her huh?

I hope your Mother's Day was as lovely as you are. I love coming to your peaceful!

Happy week!

Christy said...

While I knew what you meant, I have to admit, reading the B word as it was coming from you had me lol'ing (I still have some growing up to do!)! It made me remember a bad kid or two in elementary school going around calling everyone the B word, and justifying it by saying that it was a female dog. tee hee. I knew that you weren't being inappropriate. AND, I love the fact that you are a walking educational lesson, by the way. You never fail at teaching me something. :0)

sisterplace said...

I told you that you had nothing to apologize for. I'm glad you followed my advice. ha,ha.