Saturday, June 5, 2010

Side Bar

I just realized that all of my side bar displays are centered at the bottom of my blog. I don't know how long it's been this way, and my efforts to fix the problem have been futile. Argh.


Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Sometimes I just don't get blogger..seriously. I'm definitely no techie, but I'm not a total idiot with it, either. All of my comments from my posts older than this past September when I started blogging again are gone.

Not THAT big of a deal..well, actually it is. I used to have more followers, and would LOVE to see their blogs again, but I don't have their comments to find them! UGH! I've tried it all.

I suppose you and I should just have some ice cream and heavy sigh's over the whole deal. :D

Have a blessed day, despite the frustration! ARGH indeed!

Christy said...

Ice cream...caramel frappe. Either or. :0)

I've not been able to visit blogs this week. I'm not sure if it's my computer or just the site. Each time I come to my own blog I think, "Okay, my side bar is definitely going to be in it's proper place today!" and each time it's at the bottom of my page just as it was before.

Looking forward to making my way over to your blog to catch up when allowed! :0) Hope everyone is doing well! Pregnancy included!