Saturday, July 10, 2010

Subject:Little Sister

Ella seemed to be the focus of art inspiration a few nights ago. She happily watched on as her brother and sister each drew a picture of her.

Because they were pictures drawn of her, she believed they were hers. It took a little persuading with some of her favorite magnets to coax her to place them on the refrigerator (by herself, any way that she so pleased), so that I could keep them protected from further destruction of her toddler hands.

When Gabriel draws, he sticks the tip of his tongue out of the right side of his mouth. He's ALWAYS done this while in concentration. He studies what he is drawing with a great deal of concentration.

Lindsey loves bright colors. She loves nothing more than to fill up a sheet of paper with brightly colored abstracted polka dots, or one giant abstracted heart of many colors.

I love this about both of them.

As always, I adore kid art...I absolutely adore my kid's art (and the fact that they love each other enough to constantly draw one another). I need a home with an extra room just so that I can fill it up with the bright colors.


Relishing in His goodness...

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