Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where've you been all my life...or the last month anyhow?

We're over a month into Summer, and I've not come to my blog (or any other) since it first began. Let me tell you, I am amazed at how much of an impact my blog friends have had on my heart, as I find myself thinking of you all constantly. Time is precious, and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Not near enough to type it all out...that's for certain. I couldn't go another day without stopping by, though.

So here I am. Hi, folks!!! I hope the Lord has blessed you well, and you are enjoying Summer in the form of a break or vacation. :0)

Summer break has brought on a whole new schedule. For those of you who know me well know that I try to keep the babes as occupied as possible, as cheaply as possible. This year, just like all the rest of our Summers, has been easy enough to do so. We catch a free movie once a week. We frequent local nature parks, recreational parks, and the library often. Not to mention our trips to the lake, VBS, Wednesday night church activities, and misc. activities had at home. Aside from the extreme Georgia heat (It was 102 yesterday...blech! Because I am, at the moment, the epitome of lobster-redded goofiness, I haven't left the house today. 60 seconds on the front porch this morning, alone, had me running for the cool air! Heat hurts sun burnt skin, just in case you didn't know!), it's been a great Summer!

My Lindsey LuLu had a BLAST at 4-H camp. And even though she's been home for two weeks now she's still in, what I refer to as, "camp mode". She's already making plans to go next year. What a blessing it was for her to have that camp experience! Loading the bus...

We recently signed both Lindsey and Gabriel up for church camp. They'll be going at the end of the month. Their last big "hoorah" before school starts back. I'm beyond thrilled for them! Some of my best childhood memories come from my church camp experiences. As lame as it may seem, I've been excited for them to share in those same type experiences even when they were just infants. :0) I just can't believe they're already old enough to go to camp. Why does the time hurry so?

The 4th was spent with lots of family (both sides, at that! What a treat!)...and what a blessing it was! My hunk of burning love (that name brings on a more literal meaning, now as he is burnt, too!) is off work this week. Praise the Lord for vacation days...or, in this case, paid mandatory shutdown! I believe that he's enjoyed this week's to and fros. As with anything else, though, it's going by quickly.

God showers me (all of us) in blessings. As usual, this mama is Relishing in His goodness!


Cassy said...

Just gotta see a picture of that sunburn sister!

I've missed you too! Have been thinking about you a whole bunch the past two days for some reason. Mentally working on a package to send down. I will get it mailed I will get it mailed I will get it mailed :) :) :)

And maybe even while it's still 2010.

<3 you dear friend,

Christy said...

The one picture that I have doesn't do that burn justice. lol. Praise the Lord it's healed! I've got lots of new freckles to show for it.

Great minds think alike!!! I've been working on a package for you guys for months. We've been picking up little things here and you, I will mail it off before the year ends! :0)

Love ya! Mucho blessings to the Rankin crew!