Monday, October 25, 2010

Prayers and Praise

My heart is full of so many emotions today. Darrell's uncle, who raised he and his siblings, is fighting a hard battle against kidney disease and has been for nearly five years. He's currently refusing any further treatment and is in pretty poor condition. It's a hard pill to swallow, but we are remaining faithful that the Lord is with Uncle Dale and will carry him home when He is ready. His wife, my husband's Aunt, is pitiful, and I want nothing more than to make it all better for her. She has taken tremendous care of him, and I simply can't imagine how hard it's been to watch her love fall ill in such a way.
For these things, my husband has said the most genuine prayers, his words so humble and sincere, when I've been too upset to speak aloud. Darrell has a strong bond with this man who stepped in as his father, and I know that this is just as hard for him as it was to watch his own father fall ill to this same disease. For him to pray to the Lord in acceptance of His will, is awe inspiring to me. I'm completely in love with this man for loving our Father the way that he does.

On a happier note, Lindsey had her first middle school chorus concert last week. I can't express how happy I am that the song selections were nearly all religious, despite the fact that she attends a public school. I couldn't help but to be in awe over the fact that we are blessed to have this freedom of religious expression intact in the school system. :0) The concert was awesome! I am one proud mama, too! My girl performed like a little lady, and really enjoyed herself.
Tomorrow is Expo night at her school, and the chorus will be performing again, as will Drama. This will be her first Drama event, so we're really excited about it. Lindsey said, "I don't know why I was so worried about middle school! It's been so much fun, mama!" Praise God! I was a nervous wreck over the summer over the thought of my first born venturing off to middle school, but it's turned out to be so much different than I thought it would be. :0)

Saturday was our day for building and craft fun! We've been taking the babes to Lowes for their Build and Grow clinics every other Saturday, which have been a huge success! This past Saturday we built flying bats.

Meet our newest little projects (from left to right): Stellaluna, Bella Bat, and Batter Up.

Each child gave their bats names (they picked them out on their own). Bella Bat was painted in pink finger paint soon after arriving home by her toddler creator. When completing the task of finger painting her bat, Ella said, "She look all better, mommy!".

Backing up a little, after leaving Lowes we headed over to Michael's to complete a craft project there, which ended up being decorated tee's. No pictures were taken at that craft event because Mommy became slightly, um, frazzled at that particular location. The lady over the project was not very nice, and well, I'll just leave it at that. The kids had fun and that's all that matters. :0)

The Lord is just awesome because he has led some pretty neato folks into some pretty cool ministries, including one that fed my babes lunch on Saturday after all of our crafts were completed. I was craving crunchy stuff, and as I'm getting older, crunchy stuff (for me) means sauteing broccoli, snow peas, and bean sprouts for lunch (I've totally grown up Mom! heh!). We stopped by the store before going home, and there sat the fine folks from Abundant Life Faith Church in their Faith and Franks trailer passing out free lunch.

My kids, not particularly enjoying the idea that mama was going to cook a vegetarian style lunch, was all about the idea of having hotdogs instead. Thank you, Faith and Franks, for providing my babes with lunch on Saturday!
The franks were GINORMOUS. I was a little shocked that they asked me if my children wanted more than one hotdog. Of course, I told them no. I wasn't sure they'd eat all of the first one! ha,ha. Gabey was being silly, but those hotdogs were really big plumpity plumpers! And, yes, they finished em off. :0P

Quick update on the Angel Food Ministries post from last week. Darrell and I purchased a few boxes, last week, thinking that the deadline was Tuesday and that we could pick them up on Saturday to distribute. Somehow, I read it wrong. The Thanksgiving boxes won't be ready until November 20. In any case, I want to thank your ladies, at the Elm. school, who purchased a box and used me for a referral. I'm not sure how many referral's I have, as of yet, but we are well on the way to feeding another family for Thanksgiving! Praise the Lord!

Relishing in His goodness...


Rightthinker-Andrea said...

I'm so very sorry to hear of Dale's illness and struggle. I will pray for him and for the family to have God's peace and strength.

Praise God for Lindsey's chorus concert! She looks so beautiful! I bet it was awesome, and what a wonderful thing that Christ was praised during that time!

Oh, anytime is a good time for a hot dog..and anytime is even a better time for hot dog and some Jesus witnessing!

May God richly bless your family...much love to you sister!

Christy said...

Thank you, so much, for lifting Uncle Dale and our family up in your prayers. It's so very much appreciated.

Oh, her concert was AWESOME! Took me right back to my days in chorus, however, with a Christian twist. :0)

Faith & Franks just rocks. I mean, it's kind of what I said about Fall Festival. Give the people what they want only to feed them what they need. A good healthy dose of Jesus! :0)

Thank you for your sweet comments. It's always a blessing to see the love you've left in my comment boxes. Hugs and blessings!