Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ella Bella Fonzerella

At 11:29 am, four years ago, I looked into the face of an answered prayer. My sweet Ella came to us after one lost pregnancy, many prayers, and 18 months of ttc. At one time, I thought she would never come. Oh, what a blessing it's been to be her mother!

My precious little girl,

While God was knitting you inside my tummy, I asked Him for two things. For you to be a healthy happy baby, and to be just like your daddy. He blessed us sweetly by answering both prayers! Having you has filled my heart with everything that could ever be beautiful. I have relished in each and every milestone, praising God for every last one of them. I pray that as you grow, you grow knowing where you came from. An answered prayer knit wonderfully and beautifully by the hands of your Father. I'm so thankful that He chose me to be your mother. I love you endlessly, my little one. xoxo

Things you've said/done that make me happy:

Recently while looking at a (recent) picture of yourself, you pointed to your hands in the picture and said, "My hands look like baby hands, mommy! They little!", as if shocked by this.

When you were 18 months old, you were stuck on a one-liner from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, "That's that!" and said it at least a dozen times a day. In your 18 month old way, you attempted to impersonate the grandfather as best as you could, producing laughs every time.

For months, before this day I've been preparing you for how old you would be turning on your birthday. You refused to accept that you would be anything other than three by saying, "NO! I TREE, mommy! Wook!" while holding up three fingers.

While looking at pictures from your sister and brother's recent trip to Sea World, Shamu in particular, you screamed, "Oh! I wanna ride that whale, mommy! Please!!!".

When talking about a birthday party, you made it clear that you did not want a cake for your birthday by saying, "Don't buy me that yucky cake, mommy. Please don't buy me no yucky cake!" while waving both hands in the air in protest of birthday cake. Clearly, you don't care for birthday cake. :0)

One night, during prayer time, Gabriel was trying to teach you to say a prayer. He said, "Repeat after me, Ella. Dear Lord...." You quickly said, "Repeat after me. Dear Lord...."

About six months ago, you discovered "little baby beans" living inside of your greens beans. Since then, when we serve you green beans, you instantly open them up to eat all of the "little baby beans" out before you eat anything else.

"I wanna see the fitz mama!" is what you proclaim every time I get close to the fish department at Walmart.

When I ask you how much you love me, you hold up ten fingers and say "This much!".

Like your father, you LOVE animals. For your birthday you told us that you wanted to go to a farm. :0)

Thank you for making me smile and laugh so much. You make me so, so happy.

Happy birthday, sweet cheeks. I love you to the moon and back.

Relishing in His goodness...


The Worthey Family said...

Such a sweet post for a sweet little girl!! :) Happy Birthday, Ella!! I hope you had a great day!

Christy said...

Thank you, and lots of hugs for sharing some love/birthday wishes for our girl. :0)