Sunday, January 2, 2011


2010 found our world plagued with a variation of disaster. From every disaster, however, miracles were plenty...evidence of God's love.

In my very small portion of the world 2010 was, as life is, a mixture of old and new experiences. We were far from plagued. Blessed and preserved in every moment. Making memories by the dozen..we were simply relishing in His goodness.

- My oldest born, Ms. Lindsey LuLu, turned eleven in 2010. She was cast in her first play as Tiger Lilly. She said goodbye to elementary school and took a leap into her very first year of middle school with faith and confidence. She also attended her first summer at 4H camp, as well as church camp. She attended her first dance, joined the FCA, Drama Club, and Choir in middle school. She remained diligent in her Bible studies, never failing to encourage our household to do the same. She replaced baby dolls with fashion and nail polish....until baby sister asks to play Barbies or put together a Winnie the Pooh puzzle, at which time my oldest gal happily turns back into the little girl she once was.

- My second born, Gabey Baby, turned nine. He was also cast in his first play, as John in Peter Pan. Like his older sister, he participated in his first summer camp experience joining his big sister at church camp. He graciously asked the Lord to come into his heart on August 15, in the backseat of my minivan, while parked outside of a gas station in Greensboro, Ga after many months of asking questions and reading verses. He went into the fourth grade and also joined the choir, at his school, where he was given the responsibility to learn and play four instruments in his first concert. He walked the perimeter of Turner Field with his little league team, for the first time, with a tremendous smile on his face and a dream in his heart. He met his favorite football player, Matt well as many of his favorite Braves players.
- My third born, Ella Bella Fonzerella, turned four toward the end of the year. She learned how to identify and write her name. She learned how to identify and chicken scratch more numbers, as well as shapes. She has perfected spelling her name in sign, as well as holding up numbers with her fingers. While she is still quite shy she came out of her shell a bit more last year, finally being brave enough to go into Cubbies without mommy and daddy. She earned her vest and book, and is always extremely enthusiastic about putting that vest on and pulling her book out to work on memory verses with us at home, I might add! She learned how to blow her nose, which was actually pretty neato. That kind of shocked her, which was really cute. She was very excited to have the privilege of receiving TWO gummy vitamins, a day, once she turned four like her big brother and sister had always been given. This was the ONLY reason she accepted turning four as apposed to staying three, which had become her favorite number, according to her. Of course, her new favorite number is four, thanks to two gummy vitamins.

- My hunk of burnin love turned 36. A large portion of 2010 found my husband supporting his family. He worked HARD, and I am so very thankful. He said goodbye to a very special person, but remained steadfast. Never losing sight of what God had given him to live for. When my sweetie wasn't working, he was scheming up spontaneous adventures for all of us. Historical sites, nature reserves, animal sanctuaries, mountains, trails, lakes, rivers, and oceans...thank you, Lord, for not only creating such beauty in this world, but for giving my husband a desire to want to be enveloped in it all! He has cooked some AMAZING meals for us. When he's off, he loves taking over in the kitchen...of course, I never mind passing over that torch! He'll not be happy about me sharing this, but he got teary eyed (I know you weren't crying!!!) while watching Santa Paws with his youngest little lady recently. I love my big softy! Best of all, he's still my very best friend. We celebrated our sixth year of marriage in 2010. Praise, You, Father..I continue to look forward to spending the rest of my years with him.

- As for myself, I turned 31. I grew more gray hair than I was ready for...what I haven't been able to find and pull out, still remain as I'm not yet eager enough to color what God gave me. 2010 found me missing my husband on those dreaded third shift nights. Peaceful on many drives, holding hands with my love, as we look for something new and exciting to discover with the babes in the backseat anticipating the very same. Cheering for my son as he stood on the pitchers mound or scored a run for his fourth season of ball. Sad to see my girl saying goodbye to elementary school. Dreading sending her off to middle school. Relieved when I realized how much she loved it...with new found perspective that I, all to often, underestimate my children. Thrilled to see both of my older babes come home from their camp experiences, excited to share their week long stories with us. Happy to have long conversations with my grandmother, and have her tell me stories of her past. Blessed to meet two new additions to our small family, with the birth of my nephews. Along with our family, saying goodbye to an amazing man. In awe of my relationship with God and the people he put in my life.

May 2011 be all that 2010 was AND more...for all of us.

Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead!

- I Peter 1:6

Relishing in His goodness...


Rightthinker-Andrea said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing your brought tears to my eyes.

Happy New Year, and may God continue to richly bless your family!


Christy said...

And to you and your family, my sweet sister in Christ, a very blessed New Year as well. Love you. So glad the Lord crossed our paths. :0)