Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Snow, The Patient, & the Diva

Boy, has it been an erratic winter! Our area of Georgia has literally gone from an ice storm that lasted a full week, to beyond beautiful warm sunny weather that NEARLY convinced me that Winter had been cut short, to extremely cold/windy/lots of rainy days. The forecast for tonight....snow. At the moment, it's raining yet again. It doesn't seem cold enough to snow, but I refuse to be swayed by any given moment of weather here in this confused state of Winter. You never know what it's going to look like out there tomorrow. (sigh) Praise the Lord we are all warm, healthy, and safe no matter what these Georgia skies decide to produce. :0)

Today was Ms. Ella's four year checkup. True to form, she refused to let anyone outside of the norm hear her voice, sooooooooo, her doctor wasn't able to pass her on an eye exam for preschool. While taking the exam, the doctor pointed to a particular picture on the exam. Ella answered by keeping our lips tightly pressed together while "speaking" inside of her, yeah. Praise God for the patience of that sweet, sweet pediatrician who has called my girl her lil puddin pie since she was just a week old. Even in moments when the "lil puddin pie" decides not to grace that office with her voice for an eye exam, she is just as sweet as sugar on top of strawberries. Love her!

My family and friends will, more than likely, not take well to my feelings on this....I was not too upset about this setback. I am not quite yet eager enough to even fathom her going to preschool. If it were up to me, alone, all of my children would be home schooled from the begining. Darrell has pointed out, more times than I care to recall, that Ella needs the social interaction. I KNOW that he is right. I certainly won't argue that point! Her display at the doctor's office is proof of that. The fact that she still has weeks when she doesn't want to go into her Cubbie's room is proof of that. And, for the record, I attempt to regularly feed her a good healthy dose of socialization as much as I possibly can from play dates, to church, to storytime at the library, school functions, lunch out with friends with girl is simply painfully shy. I selfishly want to keep her with me. AND I really don't need a lecture as to why this is wrong of me. I'm not acting on my selfishness so please...spare me (Thank you and I love you!). Having my (possibly) last child go to school is not easy, and I'm allowed to be a baby about it... without my children knowing, or letting it effect them in any way. I am preparing myself for this big change because despite her extreme shyness she REALLY wants to go to preschool. She wants to take her miniature pillow pet for nap time, paint pictures, play with friends, carry a lunchbox, go on field trips, see her Bubby at school (and this will be the one and only year that she will be in the same school with a sibling...unless the Lord decides otherwise, of course), see her Aunt Amy at school....she is more ready than I am. She can do all of those things here at home. She can be with me....but, alas, it's not about me. My heart has wanted to homeschool a child since I became a mother for the first time. Life occurrences spoiled those chances for me, and now that I am able to stay at home full time, I feel as though I still don't have the opportunity. How can I homeschool one child, and not the other two? The Lord makes no mistakes so, despite the fact that it's going to be difficult for me to send her to preschool in the Fall, I will trust that this is the path that He has chosen for my family....and I will be one great pre-k room mommy in the process. Woot!

Ella has been experiencing extreme leg pain. I remember having leg pain even as early as four years old. My mom always told me that it was a growing pain, so I was pretty convinced that what she was experiencing was the very same. However, the pain began to come more frequently and last quite a bit longer, so I shared this with the doctor. She explained that because the pain seemed to be in various places of her leg, as apposed to one particular spot each time, it was more than likely a growing pain. She massaged Ella's legs to show me how I could better comfort her when she was experiencing the pain. Before bed tonight, Ella laid with her head resting on top of her hands and put her little legs upon my own and said,

"My docker said you haff to wub my leg to make me feel better, mommy."

before letting out a yawn...and waited expectantly for her leg massage. No change in expression as my jaw dropped.

Ha. My four year old is a diva. :0)

HA! Just looked out the window, and the snow is coming down and accumulating on top of a very wet ground. Seeing as how we folks down here in the South are quite unprepared for snow there will, more than likely, be no school tomorrow! We're going to have us a cocoa drinking, yahtzee and scrabble playing kind of a day, I do believe! :0)

Update: Georgia was more prepared than I thought. The babes had to go to school. Poo.

Relishing in His goodness...


Rightthinker-Andrea said...

I tell you what, Christie...

What you are experiencing in sending off your Ella, is perfectly normal. It's what compelled me to homeschool myself. I think it's MORE unnatural that we have come up with a "well, you have to send them off as soon as they are 5" rule..that's not natural at all.

I'm sorry anyone would give you grief about this! I totally relate to you! You can certainly homeschool her if you choose. I will be of support to you, and any help I can give.

The needing socialization argument against it can be met with a question of how did God set up families? He set them up to be sufficient to meet all their needs. If Ella has friends at church, and plays with her siblings, I'd venture to say that may be all she needs if she stays with her mother!

You pray about it, and you do what is right for YOUR family and YOUR baby girl..don't let anyone, who may have chosen a different path, to influence you into thinking that it's the best path..many would argue it's not!

God Bless and I understand how you feel..and love you much!

The Worthey Family said...

I went thru the same things with Chase, although she was not shy at all!! and she did go to a "Mom's Morning Out" program 2 days a week before Pre K, but I decided all day to be gone was too much, she was too little, so we put her in the Christian school that only did half day PreK and it was actually a great transition for Chase, she was used to going half days 2 days a week, so we just up it to 5 days and then when Kindergarten started we put her back at the public school going all day, and I will be the first to admit that this was more for me! It ended up being better for Chase in the long run though, her PreK was actually alot more academic than the regular PreK and when she went to Kindergarten they wanted to put her right into 1st grade because she had already reached all the goals for Kindergarten, but since she was already the youngest in the Kindergarten class having an April birthday, Tommy and I didn't think moving to 1st grade would be in her best interest! Anyway, it's hard I know! Don't feel bad about it, just cherish all the time you have!! Just think about all the new and exciting experiences you are going to have together, and what a great room mom you will be!! :))

And Chase had terrible growing pains too and hers were an every night thing, either Tommy or I were massaging her legs or she couldn't sleep! They still bother her on occasion, but I think from 3yrs old to about 7 yrs old was the worse time!

OH! and I thought school was going to be canceled too, what a bummer!! :)

Cassy said...

I'm just now reading this...could write a page but won't....just want to leave a word of're doing a great job Christy...will talk more...