Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Sweet Surprise, Hail, and Spring Break

I've slightly been avoiding my blog because I've had big news that seemed so much bigger than anything else that I could have reported....and I haven't quite been ready to share. Until now, that is.

I am so very thankful, completely honored, to share that the Lord has blessed us with another pregnancy. As of today, I am 12 weeks, and all is well with our little sweet pea. I'm feeling pretty good, too. The nausea has started to subside a bit, and I've gotten back the energy I felt depleted of just a few weeks ago, within week eleven. My doctors office is doing a great job at making sure all is well with baby and I...although, there was a mix up with some missing lab records that irritated me, as they requested I re-do the lab....The lab being a 24 hour urinalysis. Blech. That aside, I am comforted by the fact that they are doing so much to care for my baby and I. I am comforted by the fact that I've made it to twelve weeks, and am even comforted by every uncomfortable pregnancy symptom! Such sweet blessings to carry a baby. I saw my little one at six weeks gestation. The smallest baby I've seen in utero. He/she laid small and still...the only signs of life a strong beating heart that left this mommy in tears whispering praises to my Father over and over again. Something that small with such an amazing beating heart. I will forever be in awe of that moment. Thank You, Father. Thank You. Thank you.

The end of March brought a hail storm like we've never seen. What started out to be an absolutely gorgeous day, turned into a nightmare. The temps were in the 80's at noon while Gabriel played his first game of the season. Twenty minutes after arriving home from that game, a cold front came in along with black clouds and ferocious winds. The sky opened up and dropped golf ball and baseball size hail down upon us. We were blessed to have not been hit with severe damage, aside from a few dings in our cars. Our good friends, less than ten miles away had severe damage to not only their cars, but to their homes as well. We visited them after the storm had passed and was shocked at the amount of damage they had received. Chunks of siding gone. Cars completely totaled! Home windows busted. The ground littered with a blanket of hail, turning our beautiful warm day into a shivery cold white one. As our God is good and makes all things new, my friends are being blessed with new cars, roofs, windows, siding, and paint this week! Flowers, in our area, are in bloom all around us and "our world" has no signs of loss or damage. I will praise You in this storm!

Oh, how I LOVE school breaks! This week was the older babes Spring Break, and it's been a good one!

We took our first family trip to the bowling alley! The older babes did well at cheering their little sister on as she plopped her ball upon the toddler guide and pushed away! After doing this a few times, she lost interest and was ready to play in the arcade!

We had a few picnic lunches and dinners in the park....and some playtime, too!

A little beach play.


And, for Lindsey and Gabriel, one really awesome trip to Turner Field for the 2011 Braves Opener with their Dad!

Not pictured: Books shared and read aloud, filling the living room with an .89 pack of balloons just to kick and throw them, One awesome shopping day with my coupon'ing buddy, Lindsey riding 4-wheelers with her best pal for hours, an at home dinner date with just my love, a collaboration of work done on one 4th grade Science project, Gabriel's eagerness to bake muffins...and doing well at it! Lastly, one streaked lobsterfication on this mama's legs from too much beach time today. Must remember to reapply the sunblock!

Can't. Wait. For. Summer. Break!

Relishing in His goodness...


The Worthey Family said...

WOW!! I had no idea you were expecting!! Congratulations!! :) I am so excited for you all!! :)

Christy said...

Thank you, Heidi! :0)

Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Praise GOD!!!! I am SO very happy for you! Woo hoo, how beautiful our God is to bless us so!

I will pray for you and your sweet baby each day! I am just so happy...I'd tell you how happy I am about the other wonderful things you wrote about, but I can't because I'm too excited about the first paragraph, LOL!

I am about 7 weeks, so we will have newborns pretty close together!

God Bless and love you much!

Christy said...

Oh Andrea! What great news!!! I've missed so much by not visiting the blog world! Congratulations! Know that the prayers for you and your sweet one will be in abundance, as well! I'm thrilled for you guys! I'm heading over to your blog right now!!!