Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things that make me smile for 100...

This just in, I'm officially an embarrassment to my son. Why does this make me smile, you ask? Because embarrassing him was fun. Ha! More on that in a sec.

For me, growing up in the South meant for having at least one parent who was a bluegrass/country fan in the 80's. Groups like the Oakridge Boys, Shenandoah, or Alabama and artists like Ricky Scaggs were a car ride expectancy when my father was in control of the radio. I was blessed to be introduced to his love of country gospel/bluegrass/country at a young age (I got in trouble, once by my mom, for singing the Oakridge Boys tune My Baby is American Made because not only was the word sexy in the song, but a beer company used the song in one of their commercials...I was four that year.). My mom introduced me to the savory sounds of Fleetwood Mac, Bonnie Rait, the Beatles, Luther Vandross, Bob Segar, Credance Clearwater Revival, the world of Motown (which is still one of my absolute favorite genres), Queen (and she got onto me for singing a song that contained the word sexy in it's lyrics! tee hee. Despite the fact that they sing about Fat Bottom Girls, I am a Queen fan.) The Judd's, Alison Krauss, and Juice Newton (just to name a few). My older sister was the queen of big hair and introduced me to the world of cheesy 80's metal. And, for the most part, among my love for all of these sounds, I had my own love of music that consisted of bubblegum pop in the 80's. Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, and eventually New Kids on the Block (I heart Joey McIntyre...haha). The 90's brought a new era, and my love of alternative rock....although, when I listen to any of it now, most of it makes no sense at all and I'd never allow my kids to listen to it. The late 90's and 2000's have blessed me with a love of contemporary Christian music.

The point is, I love a wide variety of music. Unfortunately, for my husband and children, I despise radio commercials and I radio channel surf frequently. I was elated to hear the Oakridge Boys singing their little quartet hearts out and couldn't help but sing along....Giddy Up...a oom bop-a oom bop-a mow mow. I may have gotten a little carried away, and, yeah, the windows were slightly lowered...we were pulling into a parking spot of a local grocery store. For the first time, ever, my son told me that I was embarrassing him. Was it enough to get me to stop wailing out the words to Elvira? Not hardly.

I was so very pleased to hear someone appreciating one of my childhood favorites, as Ella continued to sing Oom bop-a oom bop-a mow mow, long after the song was over. AND did so in the presence of other shoppers! Oh, how I love moments like these!

Onto other things! We were so thrilled when Gabriel came back from a recent field trip with an Oak tree sapling! Granted, it looked very much like a paper thin stick with roots, we lovingly planted it right away and prayed it would survive. It began to grow sweet little buds approximately three weeks later. However, the hail storm took each and every one of them in it's path of destruction. A week later, our little oak showed signs of a quick recovery, as it sprouted replacements for it's fallen comrades. Today it's thriving, and we couldn't be more excited about our beautiful little oak!

The babes are all really good about watering their sweet oak on every dry day we've had since it's been with us.
Ella said, "Wow Mommy! Our tree got really big like me!"

My big guy cut the grass, this past weeked (sadly, it needs to be cut again!), and surprised the neighbors by cutting their grass as well. This is what made me fall in love with that fella. He has a huge heart! I don't think they know it was he who did it and it doesn't matter in the least. I know his intent was good, as the couple living next door to us is elderly and the husband is quite ill. Darrell has no idea how easily he makes this heart of mine melt. He does so effortlessly. Such a good guy.

As the end of the school year approaches, lots of exciting things are going to take place. Both of the older babes have choir concerts coming up. That's exciting for all of us! Science Fair and field day for Gabriel. Lindsey's walking in a March of Dimes walk at school, along with some of her pals. She'll also be involved in the District Solo/Ensemble concert, singing her first solo. Award ceremonies for each school, church, and sports. And then it's Summer break, baby! We are so very blessed with time/seasons, but I can't help but to LOVE this time of the year so much more than any other time. The anticipation of all of these great things taking place, as well as Summer break are just fantastic!

Happy Good Friday! I pray that as we commemorate the passion, death, and resurrection of our Savior, in these next few days, you are blessed by the meaning of it all. I pray that it permeates in your being, and you share that gift with others just as Christ has shared His gift with you. :0)

Relishing in His goodness...

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