Friday, June 3, 2011

Drum Roll Please.....

I sat nervously in the doctor's office for over an hour, waiting to see my baby again. I was accompanied by my husband and two girls. I was overwhelmed with emotions. Excitement over getting to see the baby again. After all, it's been seven weeks! Anxiety...for various reasons. And, eventually, began to feel a little cranky as we waited over an hour to be seen. Boo. I had just come from my midwife appointment and was there for over two hours, so waiting was beginning to really stink at this point.

I thought they'd never call my name!

Playing with Daddy while we waited for my name to be called....

While the wait, itself, was long (why, oh why, is there only one specialist available at that location per day?), it only took three seconds for me to discover our baby's gender. My tummy was covered in the warm gel, and the wand touched my tummy perfectly in the right spot, for as a view of my baby instantly developed it was clear to me what we were having. I contained myself, however, as I didn't want to be wrong. I mean, I've had A LOT of ultrasounds, and can read them easily at this point, but I'm no professional.

I didn't have to wait long, however. Praise God, for that, because five seconds into that ultrasound had me bursting at the seams! The sonographer finally said, "Well, there's HIS penis!", and typed out the words "boy part" right above his area. The excitement I had been containing finally burst out in a loud scream (that ended up being way louder than I had planned it to be!) as I looked over at my sweet girls and husband who had his hands above his head, exclaiming, "Alright! It's a boy!" with tears in his eyes. Lindsey was holding Ella, and explaining to her that they were going to have a baby brother. Ella replied, "We're gonna dress him up when Daddy isn't home!" which is something she and Lindsey have joked about in the event that this baby would be a boy. haha! What a moment! The only thing missing from that perfect scene was my Gabriel. He has prayed for a baby brother since 2005, so I am thrilled for him to finally get his brother. He came home this evening, so we surprised him in a fun way. Darrell ordered a cookie cake that was supposed to say, "It's a Boy!", it simply said "Boy!". Kind of a bummer, BUT, in the end, was plenty enough. Gabriel's reaction was PRICELESS! I recorded it, and so glad I did. He was overcome with emotion. I'm so happy for him!

Meet Jacob Elijah....
or at least a skeletal view of him.

Darrell chose his name, and presented it to me a few months ago, one evening after work. He said that it popped into his head and he couldn't stop thinking about it and couldn't wait to come home to tell me. Because he felt so strongly about it, I didn't reject his choice (and we'd appreciate respect from our loved ones not to criticize or request to change his's staying. Thanks and we love you all!), even though I had my heart set on something else. This felt right, so Jacob Elijah it is...although, this nickname loving mommy will probably call him Jake....or Jakey Poo. haha! Probably not what Darrell had in mind when choosing the name. :P

He moved around A LOT today! She had a really hard time getting good pictures of him...which meant for a longer ultrasound, which was plenty fine by me!

She typed the words directly above his boy area, so you've got to look just beneath the words. The first view of his area was soooo much clearer than this picture (wish she would have been able to snap a picture before he bounced around!), but we saw it several times during the did my specialist and sonographer, so it's confirmed.

His head is directly above my belly button, facing my back. He was feet down, and when she tried to sneak a peek of him from down below he, literally, looked like he was crawling through a dark tunnel to get away from her poking and prodding. His legs were just a'moving and in a matter of seconds, all that could be seen in that area were two little feet! She caught a cute picture of one of his little tootsies, during the great escape!

He stretches his big toe out like Ella does. :0)

He is measuring a little smaller this time around, but they are keeping me at my original mark...which will be 21 weeks on Monday. Everything looks great! Praise be to God! :0)

Father, I don't feel deserving of the blessings you constantly pour over me. Your grace is abundant, and I am in awe, daily, of your love for me. We are well pleased with this precious gift, and are gracious to you for choosing us to be Jacob's parents. Thank you, for this token of your love to us. We are forever grateful. In Jesus' name I pray...Amen.

Relishing in HIS goodness...


Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Oh Congratulations to you on your baby boy! I'm so happy for you! I think his name is just lovely!

I'm so, SO. SO overjoyed that you are doing well, and being blessed with another baby. I know it has been a tough road for you in this way, and I am thankful God is pouring out His blessings upon you!

I can't wait to see pictures of your sweetheart when he is born.

God Bless you and your family!

Cassy said...

How did I miss THIS?!! Soooo overjoyed for you ALL! Especially Gabe! Cole prayed for a brother TOO!! It was a party when he finally got one!

I ADORE the name Jacob Elijah! It's a perfect little fit for your sweet family and it suits him already! I can just tell <3

Love you friend,