Friday, July 22, 2011

The House

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were in search of a new home that would accommodate our large family. As sad as it is for those whom have lost their homes to foreclosure, this is a great time to buy a home for half the original price of that home. I thought it would take us a lot longer to find what we were looking for. However, after just two weeks of meeting our realtor and looking at approximately fourteen houses, we found one that we really liked.

It's a modest four bedroom (the picture doesn't do it justice, however. My pops was worried that it looked too small. It's big enough for us!), two bathroom ranch on 6.22 acres of land. Although, I believe that only about an acre and a half of that land is cleared out presently. Praising God for the fact that one of Gabriel's spring ball coaches happily volunteered to help clear out more land, as he has the necessary equipment to do such, when he heard about the house. Darrell and I were both completely blown away by such a kind offer. Of course, the house still isn't ours, yet. We are under contract, however, and are scheduled to close on August 30. :0)

This move will bring on more changes than we thought, as our realtor gave us the wrong information about the district for the local elementary school. Unfortunately, they've recently rezoned, so Ella would be going to an elementary school that doesn't seem to have a very good reputation...despite the fact that we would be located much farther away from that school, as apposed to the school we were hoping for less than a mile away. With that being "said", we have two options. Stay in our current location, paying for two homes so that Gabriel could finish out his last year of elementary school in the only school he's ever known, as well as Ella who will be starting preschool in the fall. OR, move right into the house and homeschool both. Either way, it's going to take us a while to move in. The home is in fabulous condition and is move in ready, with the exception of few missing light fixtures...and we would really like to paint a few rooms as well. These rooms, in particular (as well as the kitchen).
It will be a long process for us, though, because we'll have to move around Darrell's schedule...he absolutely cannot take any time off for this move, as he's saving up his vacation for Jacob's birth/homecoming. And my guy is putting in overtime when he can get it!
Gabriel will, of course, want to go back to public school at the beginning of his sixth grade year. No matter what choice we make for this school year, however, Ella, and eventually Jacob, will HAVE to be homeschooled.

That fact amazes me. I've always wanted to homeschool, and didn't think it would ever happen. And honestly, it scares me silly to think that my younger children's education will completely be in my hands...but, I'm amazed at the possibility of an answered prayer. With help and research, I've found an amazing organization called Eagle's Nest Christian Home Educators' Association that provides many resources for the local homeschooling community, as well as a co-op program at a church that will be located less than ten miles from us. They go on group/family field trips once a month as well. For the high school aged children, they have prom, and graduation. They even provide SAT's. Makes me feel a bit more confident about this possible journey. You know, knowing that I won't be alone. I've also found several drama/art/music groups for homeschool families, which is super exciting to me. :0)

So, that's the news this week, folks.

Next week's news....I'll be 28 weeks on Monday. Two trimesters down, and one to go! Woot!

Relishing in His goodness...

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