Thursday, August 25, 2011

Counting Down the Weeks...

I am 32 weeks! He's beginning to drop, slowly but surely, which has been LOVELY on my lungs. I've been having Braxton Hicks for a couple of weeks now. My body is definitely getting ready! Feeling just a wee bit sluggish, although, they've recently told me that I'm slightly anemic so hopefully being on an iron supplement will resolve my sluggishness. I'm praying that the Lord gives me a little extra umph in the next seven weeks, because we have A LOT going on before the little guy arrives!

My view, looking down...

The c-section has been scheduled! It's official! Jacob will be here on October 13th, 2011! Unless, of course, the Lord wills otherwise, and he comes sooner. If that "sounds" like wishful thinking, it is...although, I feel completely guilty about admitting it. I'm not miserable and wish him to come early so that I no longer have to carry him. This is actually the best I've ever felt in pregnancy this far along! I was just, quite selfishly, hoping he'd come a little farther (as in, my 38th week, possibly) away from two particular dates belonging to two particular family members who were born on those said dates. Without "saying" too much, these two people have caused a ton of heartache in our family, due to their addictions. He'll be coming within two days of one of those birthdays. I'm completely selfish to think this way, however. With every ounce of movement, felt from inside, the Lord reminds me of this precious gift and how his birthday, no matter when it is, will be such a blessing to my family and I. That date was set by our Father, long before this c-section was scheduled, and I am truly grateful for that. I am undeserving of His blessings, but am so very thankful, nonetheless. I can't wait to see my precious baby boy! If he arrives on the 13th as scheduled, I will praise You, Father, all the days of my life for choosing that day to grace my world with Jacob's presence!

In other news, we close on our new home next Monday. I can't WAIT to personalize this new place, and make it our own! I'm itching to start painting and decorating...however, I do believe it's going to be quite a process! We still have SO much to do, here, before we move. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed because I, personally, don't feel as though this has to be an immediate process. Nor do I believe that it's a possibility. Without meaning to be a perfectionist, I'd like to have the house exactly the way I envision before we move in. If that means waiting until after the baby comes, then so be it. I was worried that Darrell, being quick to jump into most things, would want to move in right away, and before I was able to paint and such. He assured me that we were on the same page, alleviating a TON of stress off of my shoulders. Thank goodness, because that fella hasn't done much to help pack up this house...nor have the babes for that matter. I'm feeling like the weight of this move, physically, has been on my shoulders. Which might not be sooooo overwhelming, had we not accumulated so much stuff in the past seven years. It's truly amazing what a family of five can accumulate within just a year! Furniture, alone...oy vey!

In other news, the older babes are really enjoying the fifth and seventh grade, thus far. The advantage of being a fifth grader, in the accelerated program, means that you are privileged enough to perform school duties every morning such as helping to run the school store, as well as having a role in the school's morning news broadcasting system. The duties alternate each week. One week, Gabriel is the cameraman for the morning news, and the next he helps run the school store. This has been really exciting for him! Lindsey is doing chorus, again, which is always exciting. In her seventh grade year, she's signed up to be a part of the Yearbook staff, the Art Club, the Culture club, and FCA.
She was hoping to be placed in all year P.E., as an elective this year, but was placed in Spanish, instead...and she's enjoying it much more than she thought she would. She's taking advanced science, literature and language. She and Gabriel are both doing swell! Ella starts pre-k next week. Praying that I have good news to report for her first day! It seems as though this will be her one and only year in the public school system. We'll see how it goes. :0)

Relishing in His goodness...

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