Friday, August 19, 2011


Thus far, August has been...picturesque!

The older babes went to see the Atlanta Falcons practice with their dad...that was a treat for both of them!

Gabriel with kicker, Matt Bryant.
Tossing the ball with Joe Zelenka (and my little Lindsey sitting down on the blanket beside them).

We find hearts everywhere we go! This little gem was inside my husband's Chick-fil-a sandwich. My pickle hater shared his pickley heart with me, and filled my char grilled sammy full of love.

The butterflies, at Callaway, are in abundance this season!
My seventh grader!
And my fifth grader! I wasn't able to get pictures on the first day of school....or the second for that matter. These were taken on the third day. Better late than never! :0)

Kudos to our favorite Kroger for never failing to provide us with free sugar free suckers. :0)

We picked our nephew, Ethan, up yesterday. (Can you tell he and Ella are related? haha) He's staying with us until Sunday while his mommy and daddy indulge in a sweet retreat to Jekyll Island. We're going to eat lunch with Gabriel today, at school. It'll be his first visit to an Elm school. :0)

Soon to come: My little boy turns 10 and Ella starts preschool!

Relishing in His goodness...


Rightthinker said...

Thanks for sharing some of the "going's on" and your beautiful children in photos!

God Bless you, sister!

Christy said...

Right back at ya, sweet friend!