Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our God is Healer, Awesome in Power....

As I had predicted, last month, big changes have come.

As I mentioned in my last post, Ella started preschool. This has been a HUGE challenge for Darrell and I. Her teacher has assured us, several times in the past three weeks, that she's doing great! Mornings, however, are a complete mess. Frankly, I dread going to bed because I know the struggle that's to come each morning since she's started. But, nonetheless, each afternoon she greets us with a tremendous smile, and enthusiastically shares details of her fabulous school day with us. She sings us songs, and shares with us what books her teacher read that particular day (her favorite being one about a dinosaur who wears underpants....oy vey! My google search tells me that it must be Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. ha,ha. Looks cute! I've gotta remember to check it out at our next visit to the library!) Mornings will surely get easier. I just know they will! Hopefully, before Jacob arrives!

Pregnancy is progressing well. I am 35 weeks today. Contractions are still coming inconsistently, although they feel much stronger these days. He has dropped considerably, as well. We are thrilled that, in just a few short weeks, he'll be here with us! It's amazing to think of how quickly this pregnancy has gone by, and soon I'll be able to hold my baby boy in my arms, and breath in his new baby scent.

Praise You, Father!

Change has come in many forms for us, this month. From the babes school schedules, to family issues. We recently discovered that my younger sister relapsed into drug addiction. Words cannot express my broken heart, in this matter. I cling to the fact that our God can move mountains, however, and there is nothing that He can't do. After several failed attempts, made by several of us, of requesting help in getting her oldest son out of her custody (my mom has custody of her youngest child), the past couple of weeks, my family and I have definitely learned how to step aside and let the Lord take charge of matters such as this one. I ask that if you are reading this, you pray for her two young children, as well as for her recovery. She went into an in-patient rehab facility this morning. This will be her third center in the past six years. Before drugs, she was one of the most intelligent people I've ever met. She knew God, and attempted to serve Him. She has tremendous potential, and a precious heart when she isn't using drugs. I pray that she comes back to us...I just know that she will. In the meantime, her oldest son will be staying with her mother-in-law. While it's a much better situation than what he was in, it's certainly not ideal, and we continue to pray for a better life for him.

With this recent discovery came indirect contact with our father, through one of his sisters. We (my older sister and I) were blessed to spend a beautiful Sunday with her, catching up. We laughed, cried, and praised God. It was such a blessed afternoon! She's always been my favorite Aunt. :0) She contacted our dad in hopes of reuniting us....never suspecting anything less than a welcoming agreement made on his part, as she doesn't know the side to her "baby brother" that we know all to well. She was sadly disappointed by his reaction, however, and reported the news as if it were a death sentence. My only regret is that I got my hopes up. Some childish part of me would have loved knowing that we've been missed. That our kids have been missed. I thought that it would be great for us to be reunited with him before Jacob arrives! Before we move into our new home, even. In the back of my mind, though, I knew what his reaction would be. He's always been this way. Why would I expect him to change now? He stated that he's "moved on". That was already quite apparent long before he stated that fact.

What family I have is small...but my heart couldn't be more full. I am so very blessed.

Soon to come: Ella's first field trip to the performing arts center to see a play! This will also be her very first bus ride! She isn't thrilled about the bus ride, however, I've assured her that she'll easily be able to see me trailing behind the bus in Big Blue, the minivan.

Also to come, our seven year wedding anniversary!!!! <3

Relishing in His goodness...


Cassy said...

Even as women, there is still a little girl inside of us, yearning for our Daddy's love, admiration and protection. I pity him all the joy he is missing just because his eyes remain closed. My father too, is drifting around this country somewhere, missing out on being part of shaping a generation, simply because of selfishness and not seeing the potential he has.

This would be a huge void were it not for THE FATHER of all fathers, our Daddy in Heaven who is everything and MORE than even the BEST Daddy here on earth.

So thankful you got such sweet girl time with your auntie and sister.

Am loving the Ella's updates and sad with you for your sister's relapse. Praying for her and those precious children.

Take care friend,

Christy said...

Yes....it would be a huge void if it weren't for our Heavenly Father! What would we do without Him? :0)

Thank you for your constant prayers and love! I'm so blessed to have you!