Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Skinny on my Short Stay

At a routine appointment, early this morning, my blood pressure was quite high. This is the second appointment in two weeks, with the same results. So, those words that I dread the most, in every pregnancy, came up. Possible Preeclampsia..and with that I was sent to the hospital.

As Darrell is on third shift, I didn't feel that it would be a great idea for him to make the drive to the hospital without a few hours of sleep, at the very least, so I told him not to worry and that I'd be in touch. Naturally, I would have loved to have his sweet face there to cheer me up...however, the Lord knew what I needed and blessed me with a wonderful nurse!

I was quickly taken back to the maternal triage unit and hooked up to a fetal monitor and blood pressure cuff. They took several lab tests as well. I was thrilled to find out that my blood pressure had come down significantly, and the baby was doing fabulously! I thought, for sure, I'd be there for two hours tops. haha

While my stay was several hours longer than I had expected, I was blessed to share in a couple's arrival of their new baby. Not that I was present for her c-section, but she was placed in the "cubicle" next to me. Once they took her back, it wasn't long before the cries of a newborn baby boy filled the once uncomfortable atmosphere with his precious new existence. They brought he and his father back to the same triage cubicle that she had been placed in before her c-section. I listened while their new baby was measured, given shots, and a bath. Then wiped tears away as that precious baby contented himself as his mother spoke gently to him upon their first meeting.

I feel so blessed to be given this fourth opportunity to be a mother again.

The doctor, on call at the hospital today, was one that I've never seen before. I enjoyed the fact that she got my humor, and joked along back with me. However, before I left, she mentioned that I really didn't need to be pregnant because pregnancy was "trouble" for me. I brought up the fact that this has been a great pregnancy until now. She grew a bit harsher and stated that I probably shouldn't have ever had children, given my history in pregnancy. I believe that my jaw dropped, and I immediately asked the Lord to fill my mouth with words because I couldn't speak...and I REALLY wanted to go off on her. However, I gently explained to her that none of my pregnancies were a mistake or trouble. They were blessings from the Lord. He brought us to it and then through it. She said, quite simply, "Okay." before walking out.

I prayed that she wouldn't be on call the day that Jacob arrives...but you know, maybe she needs to be present to meet my little gift from God. :0)

I'm home this evening. Praise the Lord! I went to t he hospital totally unprepared. No bags, car seat, or hubby! It felt great to come home, but I am anxious to see my little guy. I am on strict bed rest, now. She said absolutely no driving, no getting out of bed unless it is to potty, shower, or eat. I have three children and a husband on third shift. I'm not sure how this is going to work...or if it even will.

Lord, I have faith that you have knit Jacob wonderfully in my womb, and he will come to us when you are ready for him to. I have faith that you are caring for me perfectly, and I will make it through this rough patch. You've blessed me, so well, with a husband who adores me and is helping as much as possible despite his work schedule. You've blessed me with three children whom have gone the extra mile to make sure that I won't have to pick up after them, as well as pitching in for extra chores and such. This pregnancy is far from a mistake. This pregnancy and my son are blessings. Your will is precious and I am eternally grateful.


Rightthinker said...

Oh Christy, I'm sorry you are enduring this, yet thankful for your grace when going through it! The Lord will deliver you..He is Your Shelter, your Strong Tower, and your ever present help in time of need!

People who look for the very first reason to end fertility would never understand us who "risk" for the sake of bringing children into this world..the truth is..breathing carries risk..life does..anyway, I'm thankful for your Christ-like response!

If you feel like it, you could email me and I can tell you a few tips to help with keeping BP down in late pregnancy. As you know, I have damaged kidneys from my misdiagnosis and treatment in my first pregnancy. I was told to never have another..here we are, having had 5 more after the first!

I do some natural techniques and very safe homeopathics in the last trimester, and it has worked wonders. If you aren't interested, it won't offend me at all-we each need to do what is best in our pregnancy! I just wanted to offer.

You take care, and I cannot wait to meet your "Jacob" blessing!

Love you!

Cassy said...

Oh my sweet friend!!!!
I had no idea!! Bless you bless you bless you for being gracious to the doctor and not hauling your pregnant self up offa the bed to show her the roaring Mama Bear side I know had to be brewing. Hopefully your words will go a long way toward changing and growing her perspective on the precious children of our world...our future teachers and doctors and missionaries and leaders and parents...

Am wishing yet again, that we lived closer to one another and that I could be of a help to you. Doing your dishes, folding baby clothes, driving the kiddos where they need to go, and of course squeezing in a game or two of Yahtzee while we waited for Jacob's big arrival.

Since I don't though, please know I will do the one thing I can from all the way up here and that is lift you continually to the Throne room of God and ask Him for His peace and comfort and love and assurance and that all, everything, every little bitty detail of this last stretch of Jacob's growth, would go smoothly and comfortably.

I'm not on FB right now, so I'll put my email here and ask that you email me your address again. I kept it in my FB messages so I'd have it but I don't have it written down anywhere and I don't dare sign back up for FB so early in the school year :) Send it to me k? mcrankin@acsalaska.net

Thankful for you!

Christy said...

You girls really know how to make a gal feel blessed! Thank you, both, for being so precious to me. I simply adore you both. xoxo