Friday, November 11, 2011

The Moose is Loose!

When I started my blog, several years ago, I never imagined I'd be blessed with such amazing blog pals! I mean, I initially started my blog for my children and husband...and of course, having a preserved bank of our memories is a definite treat for me. The more babies I have, the more occupied my mind becomes. I enjoy the ability to just click onto a happy post and be reminded of a birthday or a vacation passed. In the process of documenting our family moments, I've crossed paths with some phenomenal women.

One of which is my pal, Cassy. Cassy is an absolute light! She and her little crew have made such an impression on our family, and we are so grateful that they have brightened our world a bit...not to mention left us completely in awe of their Alaskan lifestyle!

I received a package in the mail, today, from Cassy and her sweeties! What a surprise!

The thing that intrigues me the most about their surroundings is not just the weather, the eagles, the cross rocks, the fact that the stars shine magnificently, or the mirror image views of the mountains through the water. Oh no...the fact that a moose would so casually waltz through her backyard, and maybe stop beside her picnic table or the children's jungle gym, is fascinating (and a little scary!) to me! They are huge creatures! The baby moose that she captured (on photo! Can you imagine if Cassy attempted to capture him in any other way? Sheesh kabobs!) was massive, standing as high as the top of her children's jungle gym! YIKES!

In our package, from our precious friends in Alaska, we received:

A moose cookie cutter!!! We are most definitely going to enjoy using this fella!

And a hooded the "Moose is Loose" onsie (which, btw, I'm just discovering, according to the tag on the onsie, that this is actually called a hoodsie! Ha!) for Jacob! So sweet! I LOVE it!

You've heard of Flat Stanley, right? Well, the "Moose is Loose" is the same concept....which makes this gift all the more fun! :0)

Just as soon as the little guy is awake (and fed/changed) I look forward to taking a photo to submit to the company, in which case, I shall share here as well! (BTW, try saying shall share ten times! Haha! I did! By the third time it sounds like I'm saying show show!)

Cassy and crew,

You guys! Wow! What a blessing you all are to us! Thank you, so much, for thinking of us and sending such a sweet (and fun!) gift! We appreciate that kind gesture more than you know! We are so thankful that the Lord crossed our paths, and feel so blessed to know you all! We always look forward to updates (and photos) on your blog, because you guys constantly inspire us! Thank you, for living such a wonderful life, through Christ, and for sharing that with us! Love you all dearly!

Relishing in His goodness...


Cassy said...!! You are SO sweet! Too sweet! I can't wait to see baby Jacob in his moosie :)

You guys are so very precious to us too...thankful for internet and how it connects us mama's. Somethin tells me we never woulda met back in the days of the party line :)

Sent my mom the link to your blog and told her to go check out my online bestie...that I suspect we were separated at birth so she better go check ;)

Have a good week...hugs to all...

Christy said...

lol...Nope! Probably wouldn't have met on the party line! Praise God for technology and blogs! Love you guys! The Rankin's rock!!! :0)