Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happiest of Happy Birthdays to You.....

Today is my husband's birthday! Praise God for this day, and for my husband! I am so thankful! Unfortunately, I made a call to him, this morning, with more than just birthday wishes. The transmission blew in my mini van, yet again, just after I dropped the kids off at school. Praise the Lord, I made it to a gas station before it did so, and hubby wasn't far from there at the time. When he arrived, the load of stress he was carrying was apparent, as his hands were shaking and his eyes, so full of concern, looked heavy and tired. My poor guy. Third shift is horrible on a body. Despite being tired and stressed, he greeted me with a warm smile, and soft kiss. It's moments like that one that makes me wonder why I ever complain about the guy. We are blessed to have him.

Thank you, Father, for creating this man. Thank you, for bringing him to me and making him mine. Even with all that flaws him, I couldn't ask for a better man, nor could I imagine life without him. I pray that in this thirty-seventh year, of his life, he continues to bless and be blessed. I pray that You use him to serve You! I pray that the large amount of compassion that he already possesses, doubles! I pray that he is given many more moments to share with our children. I pray that he realizes his worth, and knows how very special he is to me...to all of us. You've blessed us well, by creating him.


On your thirty-seventh birthday, I promise to keep my nagging to a bare minimum! Ha! That's a gift in and of itself, eh? Oh, my love. You mean the world to me. I hope that, despite the fact that sleep will be minimal for you and my vehicle is out of commission, this day is a blessed one for you. Just as you have been a blessing to us, I pray that your blessing cup overflows. You deserve the world! I love you to the moon and back.....a million times over. Happy birthday! xoxo

All the things that make you special:

You are our hero!

You're such a fun Daddy! Always ready to play in the sand, or on a jungle gym!

You are a great father, stepfather, and Uncle (Darrell is holding our nephew Grayson)

Along with love, you provide stability. We always feel safe when you're around!

You love animals....even the dirty, stinky ones! You're heart is huge!

You are always good for a laugh! You are you! No matter where we are, or who's watching!

Because you are so awesome, you stole my heart...I love you so much.

Happy birthday, love!

Relishing in His goodness...

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