Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coversations with a Five Year Old

Ella is at such a fun age. She is just so inquisitive...her curiosity is adorable.

On a car ride to pick Daddy up from the car pool meeting place, Ella interrupted the silence.

Ella: Mama, why is my Daddy so brown?

Me: Why is Daddy brown?

Ella: Yes?

Me: Well, he's actually a color called tan. Very tan actually! Your best friend, Kamia, has brown skin. But, Daddy's skin is a different color, right?

Ella: (long pause) Why is Daddy tan?

Me: When Daddy gets in the sun, it turns him tan. When you and I get in the sun, it makes us red, and then our skin peels and we're white again...and sometimes we get freckles where the red was.

Ella: Yeah! We get red on our cheeks!

Me: Yep....sun-kissed.

Ella: What???? Sun kiss? People drink the sun????

This question caught me off guard and I had to think about what she was talking about. After a few seconds, it hit me. Sunkist! This produced lots of laughter, and then a new conversation that consisted of the Sun, Moon, stars and astronauts...including the fact that she REALLY REALLY wanted to have a picnic in a spaceship.

During a casual conversation at the table

Me: Ella, are you my big girl?

Ella: Yes. Two! (holding up two fingers) I'm yours and Daddy's!

Me: Daddy? Who's this Daddy you talk about?

Ella: (laughing and pointing to Darrell) Right there! That my Daddy, Mommy!

Me: Oh. That fella right there? What's his name?

Ella: His name Dawwell!

Me: Darrell, oh okay! I see. What's my name?

Ella: You name Mommy!

Me: Mommy!?! Yes, but what's my real name?

Ella: It Mommy!

Me: first name is.....?

Ella: Ohhhhh! Wight. It Chisss-ty.

Me: That's right! It's Christy! Good girl!

Ella: (after a short pause) And you middle name is Mommy!!!

We've had some really foggy mornings, lately.

Yesterday, on the way to school, Ella broke the silence, once again.

Ella: Mommy, can you see out of your window?

Me: Yes...I can see, sweety. Why?

Ella: I can't see. Can you roll down my window?

Me: The windows are okay's just foggy outside this morning.

Ella: No, my window has stuff on it. I can't see outside. It's icky.

I knew, then, that she didn't understand what the fog was, so I decided to roll her window down to show her how the fog was there with the window up and down. I attempted to explain what fog was, as best as I could to my five year old...

Me: See sweety? The fog is still there when the window is down. It's not on the windows.

Ella: I wub my eyes, but it's still there. I don't like it! It make me not be able to see outside.

I watched as her little fingers attempted to rub the fog away from her vision, and I couldn't help but to think, five years from now those little fingers are going to be attached to the hand of a ten year old. She'll understand why fog is produced, and the questions she'll ask will be quite different then. While she's still small, and the world around her is such a fun mystery, I'm relishing in her little five year old self. Loving and indulging in every curious question and observation her beautiful mind comes across.

Relishing in His goodness...

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