Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lilly Wump and the Rest of the Gang

Lindsey's math class is studying coordinates (x,y). She had a small project, a fun one in fact, in which she had to create a member of the Wump family using given coordinates for that particular family member. I googled the Wump's to see if this was a common project, and found loads of links. Who knew? :0)

Meet Lilly Wump (her coordinates are 7x, 7y)

Lindsey didn't feel as though she did a very good job on Lilly...I beg to differ. I think she's adorable. :0)

Speaking of adorable....

My oldest girl will be thirteen this year. Ack. THIRTEEN! I'm struggling with's bittersweet, we shall say. She's growing so quickly. While she tests my patience with her preteen disposition, every so often, I am proud of the young lady she's becoming. She is thoughtful, intelligent, genuine, beautiful
(inside and out, mind you!) and, above all, has a heart for Christ. Praise You, Father!

Each day, Gabriel comes home from school, he has a snack while we work on homework together. Once he's finished, he darts strait for the legos!

My lego building mastermind's latest construction....

a roller coaster!! Weeeeeee!

Ella received her first semi major boo boo since starting preschool. The picture doesn't do the boo boo justice. My phone takes poohy pictures.
Mommy had a sucker waiting for her upon pick up time. I was scared to see the damage, after finding out that she fell from the monkey bars. She landed on one foot, before landing on her face, into the wood chips below. The school nurse said that she was being "quite brave considering the extent of the fall" and that she was expected to make a full recovery. She was all smiles when I picked her up, and excitedly pointed out that her sucker had the letters X and B(Gotta love those sugar free letter pops!). I pointed out that her boo boo matched her shirt. She thought that this was neat and pointed this info out to her daddy when we picked him up later. He found less humor in this than I did. For the record, my insides hurt the second I heard about and saw said boo boo. I just didn't want to make a big deal about it in front of her. I didn't want her to feel bad about the way she looked, as it pretty much covers one side of her face (I also joked to my mom that she could be a tiny female version of the Phantom of the Opera.), and I didn't want her to dwell on it. As of now, she's not brought it up once since the day it happened. Humor is therapeutic!

My littlest wee tot is now five months old! How incredibly fast did those five months fly by? In a blink of an eye, for me, it seems! Because he's measuring a bit larger than the average five month old, the older babes thought it would be fun to see if he could sit in his walker.

We have it on the lowest setting, and his feet barely touched the floor. As silly as it seems, I was thrilled about that. I want my baby to be a baby for as long as possible. I'm in no hurry for those feet to hit the floor...they'll be there soon enough, and he'll be off and running!
He enjoyed investigating the objects on his walker for just a couple of minutes before he had enough.

Gabriel received an award from the principle last week!
(excuse the horrible photo shop effort to black out info. I was holding one super excited baby!) I'm so proud of the little guy we've raised. He's such a great kid!

While I don't have a recent picture to share, I feel the need to give praise to my big guy today. Each one of us, with the exception of Gabriel, have caught one pretty nasty cold virus in the past week. When I was plagued by the worst of this cold, I belly ached about how badly I wanted to just sleep it off when it was impossible for me to do so. He was so supportive and cooked dinner in those evenings so that I could have a small break. He soon caught it, and had it really bad. I was so worried about him, and suggested he stay home from work. Instead of staying home and sleeping it off, he worked everyday...not complaining one time about having to work despite being so sick. I felt helpless because I couldn't help him, in the ways in which he had helped me. I couldn't allow him to lay on the couch while I went to work for him, as he had helped me out with evening meals two days in a row. And he didn't complain. Not one time. How do I deserve such a guy? Often times this man amazes me, and humbles me. I am so very thankful for him, in more way than I could ever describe.

Today is my nephew, Grayson's, second birthday! Two! I can't believe that! I have loved him since before he came into this world, and I am so thrilled to be his Aunt! Happy birthday my sweet Grayson! You mean the world to all of us, and we are soooo excited that you are turning 2 today! Happy, happy, happy birthday Grayson!!!

The sun going down in our part of the world last night.

The forecast for today is sunny with highs predicted to reach 69 degrees. It feels as though we've skipped Winter. I wonder what the next few weeks are going to be like. In any case, I am certain we are going to take advantage of this beautiful day!

Relishing in His goodness...

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