Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love & Johnny Cash

A recent trip to Kroger inspired me to create candy bouquets for my babes Valentine treats this year. Kroger had them for $29.99 a bouquet. YIKES Kroger. That's a bit steep! They also had just one type of candy bar in their bouquets. I decided that I was going to do my own, with different candy...and on a smaller scale. I also made the girls name signs for their rooms, and bought Gabriel a Braves sign for his, to go along with their gifts.

They went over well!

He was jumping and down in excitement.

The bouquets cost between $12-$14 to make all three. The girls signs cost less than $1 a piece, and Gabriel's sign cost $6 (and some change). That's a huge savings! It pays to be creative....homemade lovin can't be beat, anyhow!

Speaking of which, I happen to adore homemade gifts! Including these!

Card that Lindsey made me!

Darrell let Ella draw a picture of he & I on the envelope of the card he bought me. I love the big shoes she put on her Daddy's feet. :0)
During a car ride back home from school, today, I was flipping through the stations (A REALLY bad habit of mine...I don't enjoy commercials!) and stopped on an old tune I knew had to be Johnny Cash. It was, in fact, Mr. Cash singing Walk the Line. I'm not a huge fan, but I thought I'd indulge my children in a little music education. Johnny Cash is a country legend, after all! I informed Gabriel and Ella that this was country music legend, Johnny Cash. They were quiet as the music played, however, seconds after he began to sing Gabriel said, "What? You can hardly understand what he's saying because this music is soooo old!". Ella piped in, "This sounds like riding a horse kind of music.". So much for my music lesson! haha

Speaking of lessons, I think that my ten year old should start giving lessons in cursive me! His cursive is much prettier than mine! His teacher agrees! Great going Gabey!

I used the remainder of scrapbook paper, used to make the name signs, to cover the switch plate in the girl's room. Fun and easy little project. I'll be making name signs for the boy's room, soon. And if I have enough paper left over, I'll probably cover their switch plate as well. I'm on the hunt for the perfect paper! :0)

Random February photos:
My baby is 20 weeks old! Five months old! Already!!! Wow!
The simplest of things make him smile/laugh!
The sun going down in the South! So beautiful!

Bend-a-roo wall art by: Ella
I woke up at 6:55 a.m. on Sunday morning to see that the Sun had come up, but the moon was still shining big and bright in the sky! It was beautiful! (the pic doesn't come close to doing it justice!)

Gabey's best pal, Caleb, spent the night! :0)

Been a fab month, thus far! Next week, the babes are out of school for Winter Break! :0)

Relishing in His goodness...

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