Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go

When the world seems to be closing in on me (because I don't get out of the house to do much more than taking/picking up my crew from various places!), God opens up an opportunity for me to have blessed time with my family, and my heart is whole again. :)

The itty bitties and I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at my grandparent's home. My Pop's made his famous pizza! YUM! Jacob and Ella were spoiled with lovin from their MeMe and PawPaw, as well as from my grandparents and sister. To have them all under one roof was exactly what I needed! Best of all, my grandmother (MawMaw) remembered me for a minute. She cracked a joke that she's always cracked at my expense. Nobody got it, but me...and if I were able to escape the room, I would have cried. Instead, I gave silent praises to our Father.

When asked by mom: "There's Christy. Do you remember her?"

MawMaw, "Noooo. I don't see that face come around enough to remember her."

My mom instantly tried to console me...but I knew. She always said that, in every conversation I've probably ever had with her in my adulthood. Bless her. I adore her humor!!!

Just a few pics from our visit:
MawMaw's holding baby Robert (He is my cousin's baby. He was born three months before Jacob.) My mom is holding Baby Jake!

And Ella with her favorite man on Earth, besides her Daddy, of course....Her PawPaw! (Ella said on the way home, "My MeMe and PawPaw loves me! They love me really BIG!")

It's days like this that remind me of how much I need all of these people. Makes my hour and a half worth of distance feel like so much more.

Mom & Bill, You guys mean all the world to us. You are our constants, in this life, and we are forever grateful for the love that you both give. Seeing you both is so good for my heart...and the babes love their MeMe and PawPaw oodles.

Pops, All things will be restored!!! I am in awe over how well you're taking care of MawMaw. I can only imagine the physical and emotional toll it's taken out on you...but you never give up! I am so proud of you, and can imagine that your castle will be huge. Just like our distance in miles, my prayers and thoughts for you two are abundant. Love you both, and am so very grateful for the only grandparents I've ever known.

Relishing in His goodness...


Cassy said...

Precious precious precious. Just precious <3

Mandy said...

Isn't it amazing how family can ground us! I lost my grandparents when I was quite young and definitely wish my kids could have met them! I am thankful for the family we do have! Family is a blessing to be cherished!