Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring on the Changes

As I sat at my bedroom desk with pen in hand, staring down at the last blank space on the envelope containing Gabriel's report card, the realization that I was signing his elm school report card for the very last time...hit me like a ton of bricks. In nine very short weeks, my Gabriel will be a sixth grader. My, for now, fifth grader did great on his report card, bringing home all A's with the exception of one B. Way to go Gabey!!! I'm so proud of you!!

While we're on the subject of growth, let me just add that Ella has her first loose tooth, at five. In fact, she enjoys making it wiggle so that we can all hear the sound that it makes! You'd think that after going through these milestones with her older two siblings, I'd not be too surprised with the wiggle of that little baby tooth. No. Not me. It blew me out of the water and, quite frankly, I had a mini shed of tears. That happened fast! It's all happening so fast! So many blessings and milestones in such a short amount of time!

Jacob is rolling to and fro like a baby pro. At this point, each roll surprises and excites him, and he lets out a toothless smile followed by baby laughter. It's the BEST! He has three words in his vocab! Out of all of my babes, Mama was not the first word uttered out of my baby boy's lips. Instead, it was "Hi!". He says it in this tiny excited way..the same way in which we say it to him. Of course, Mama came in second, and DaDa followed close behind. He's coming into such a fun stage. He tries soooo hard to talk. I'd love to know what he's trying to say when he looks at me and talks in baby gibberish as if I understand him. The facial expressions and laughter are abundant and precious. He smiles at kind strangers before quickly burying his head into Mama or Daddy's shoulder...then peeks out with those sweet shy eyes of his. What a charmer!

My oldest little lady is turning thirteen in just a matter of a few short months. 13!!! It's hard to believe that this time, thirteen years ago, I was preparing to meet my first child. What a blessing it's been! Lindsey is preparing herself for an upcoming chorus Solo & Ensemble event, in which she'll be judged based on her performance. She's a nervous Nelly over this, but I know she'll do great! She really enjoys school and, like her brother, brought home a great report card. I am so proud of you, Lindsey!

It's officially Spring, although, I do believe that our Winter advisory should have been to keep the warmer weather wardrobe out. Georgia, that was a warm winter! Sheesh kabobs! Oh, but what a beautiful Spring it's already turned out to be. Driving with the windows down is a treat when fruit trees, Wisteria, pink and white Dogwoods, sweet Honeysuckle, and the occasional aroma of Cinnamon can easily please the senses. If it weren't so, and pollen weren't so pesky, it'd be perfecto!

March Happenings:

At his latest doctors appointment, Jacob weighed in at 18 pounds 13 ounces and was 27inches long! He's learned that his feet and toes can get him just about anything he wants! He's pictured here after retrieving the table protector from his grabby little feet!

My older sis with Ella Bella
Cousins Rock!!!
My mom and Jacob
Cousins Sebastian and Lindsey

Practicing writing words....starting with Dora!

Six months old!!!

What happens when Mommy is on the other side of the seesaw!

The sweetest big sissy in the world! xoxo
Gabey's shadow is his hairbow wearin lil sister!
Little comedian
Making Mommy Smile...

Motocross (although, this may have been the end of February)...hmmmm

Daddy & the Babes

They're the world my world revolves around...
Relishing in His goodness...


Cassy said...'s been so good to catch up with you all! I've missed you in blog world. I just smile though, when I think of you, knowing what your hands are busy with and what a hectic and busy and precious time that it is for you right now. I CANNOT believe how big little Jacob has gotten!! He looks so much like Ella. Almost cried at the pic of her and Gabe, I have one with MY Ella and her big brother, her on his back, getting what she used to call a "huggy back ride". <3

Love you sweet friend, you're doing a great job Mama.


Christy said...

I hate that I'm just seeing this precious comment! I have, indeed, been a busy mama! And it's true what they say....Time flies when you're having fun! Love you, oodles!