Friday, November 12, 2010

Through the looking glass...bits o' happiness

We celebrated Ella's birthday with good company. The original plan was to go to a beautiful nature reserve, we recently visited, as there is a farm there that Ella quite enjoyed and requested to visit again for her birthday. However, the unpredictable weather of Georgia brought us low temps and high winds. At the last minute, we called everyone up and changed the venue to a local pizza joint....mainly because they have (or had, in this case) a pretty fun arcade attached. The pizza place ended up still being a pizza place, under new ownership, but was lacking a bit in the fun arcade department. Still, it was a nice little celebration.

The group picture is my favorite of the day. It includes my mom, step father, my children, my niece, Shelby, and nephews Wesley & Sebastain. All of the grandchildren, minus my step daughter, Cheyenne, and nephew Bryson.

This week was a special week for us. Gabriel was involved in a Veteran's Day program at school Wednesday morning. He was so excited about it, and did well! Although, due to an unfortunate parking situation, I walked in just as he was sitting down. :0( The first time I've ever missed something. Ugh. I am very proud of him, however, and look forward to seeing the pictures/video that were taken. I was blessed to have made it in time to hear the Veteran's, whom attended, be honored as well as to hear them give a brief summary of their service. One, in particular, touched my heart. He had a hard time holding back emotions, as he thanked the children for honoring the soldiers so well. I watched as his wife wiped tears away, and I just couldn't help but to think about how military appreciation should go far beyond one day/week. There are so many sacrifices that are made/have been made so that we could be safe and free. Sacrifices that mean/have meant taking away a soldier's safety and freedom in the process, among other things.

The Awana theme, this week, was Military Appreciation and the children were to come dressed in military attire (if able). We pulled two of Darrell's old jacket's out of the closet for Lindsey and Gabriel to wear.

They had a BLAST going through the obstacle course. Even my shy girl went through it, not once, but TWICE! It was so much fun watching them do an army crawl under the rope obstacle. :0) Fun times!

On Thursday, Miss Lindsey performed with the middle school choir and band in a Veteran's Day Appreciation was an amazing concert. The high school choir (which includes my niece, Shelby) and band also performed and the Veteran's, whom attended, were honored well. The music was beautiful, and the reading of Psalm 121 couldn't have been more appropriate.
It was a packed house...a complete blessing. It made me awfully proud to be an American.

If only Ella would have loved the concert as much as I did. :0)

The picture is Ella with my sister, Amy. Whom, by the way, I need to apologize to.

Amy, I am sorry that Ella was a wee little bit of a distraction. I think, in the future, it might be best if we didn't sit together at concerts! lol

In honor of Veteran's Day (week, in our case), I'd like to thank those of you who sacrificed everything so that we could be free. Your loyalty, bravery, and selflessness are so very much appreciated.

My favorite Veteran worked all week (still on stinky third shift) and wasn't able to make it to any of the celebrations mentioned above. When honoring him for Veteran's day, he was extremely humble and said that he didn't feel as though he did anything to deserve such a title. His Company has gone back overseas twice since he's gotten out of the military. He expressed, to me, that he feels as though he didn't do enough.
I beg to differ. And, in any case, he's a hero to me. xoxo

Smiling is my favorite....these photos make it impossible for me not to do so. :0)

Relishing in His goodness...


Parsley said...

Fun family times. Thanks for sharing.

Cassy said...

I adore your familiy! These smiles are beautiful. Your joy and love for the Lord and for one another just shines on your faces!

Christy said...

(((Sweet pals))) Thank you, both. Love, Hugs, and blessings! xoxo